AlexAlex700, or now known as Greenex is a Windows Movie Maker machinimist who is an old Youtube Ranger. His bloopers have some adult themes, some copyrighted music, which was a problem over the past year and jokes. He started making bloopers in November 4,2012, which is also his birthday. 

Youtube Ranger Join Info

AA joined the Youtube Rangers in August 2013, got kicked in the same month, and joined back in September 2013. He quit the group entirely in October 2013.

History Timeline

  • July 1,2012 - Created YouTube Channel
  • July 1,2012 - Started making Roblox Bloopers
  • November 4,2012 - Made First Blooper, Called "The Pizza is a Lie"
  • July 1,2013 - Celebrated 1 Year on Youtube
  • Some time in 2013 - Account terminated, new account opened called 2ndAlexAlex700.
  • August 2013 - Joined Youtube Rangers, Got Kicked.
  • September 2013 - Joined Back in YTR
  • October 2013 - Quit YTR Entirely

Blooper Appearences

Alex has appeared multiple times in Chillius03's bloopers. Starman3 said he will appear in his bloopers, but he never did. He makes a cameo in SMG4's vids, appearing in "A fungus among us" and a ssenmodnar episode.


(in friendship order)

  1. Chillius03
  2. SL7900
  3. Starman3
  4. Sept
  5. Bluey
  6. MM761
  7. SMG4
  8. AKS