Enzour is Enzo's 4D counterpart.

Enzour's color code.

They are rivals with each other.


Special "Other" VideosEdit

Enzour first appeared in Starman3's video "Starman3 visits the Fourth Dimension." Here he was introduced as a member of 4DR.

He also appeared in Randomness Approaching 2 (later named Randomness to the Max), and he laughed at Enzo burning himself.

Super Mario 64 BloopersEdit

He also appeared in Blooper 44, as he versed Enzo with Rainboo and beat him.

Back to the Fourth DimensionEdit

He only made a cameo in the form of singing the "Follow the Rainbow Brick Road" song. He is also mentioned when Quario already knows about Enzo's new common name because Enzour does the same thing.

Counterparts and Other Relevant CharactersEdit

Mushroom Kingdom/Blooper Land counterpart: Enzo

Star World counterpart: Enstar