Into the Fourth Dimension is a movie made by MarioMario54321 in 2012.



Main StoryEdit

The plot starts off some time after MarioMario54321's previous adventure, OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X. Every one of the heroes is relaxing, until they all point out that the areas in SM64 are getting boring, everyone's used to the same gameplay over and over and it gets boring. Mario, whilst in Bob-omb Battlefield, comes across someone he would've thought he'd never come across. This someone is Dimentio, surviving only by a small piece, and he plans to take over all the dimensions by going to a place called the Fourth Dimension, with a power source unimaginable. The place has been so hard to get into, in fact, only two ways lie, and he's not shy to reveal he found one way, after years of looking. Dimentio disappears after, leaving Mario to tell the others.

After Mario brings all the heroes to the castle, he tells them all that Dimentio has returned, after 5 years of seemingly being gone. After a talk, the heroes decide to go after Dimentio and save their world. They start by going to the Star World, all except for Peach, Bowser and Starlow, who stay due to Peach and Starlow protecting the castle, and Bowser not wanting to do the "same old, same old" again. After ending up in the Star World, Mario asks Stario, who comes out to meet them if he knows anything about the Fourth Dimension, to which Stario is shocked to find out they know. Stario then explains to them how dimensions work and some properties of dimensions (dimension cycles, DBDs (Dimensional Backtravel Diamond), etc.). During this, he explains that everyone has a counterpart, as the heroes's Star World counterparts introduce themselves as such, as Mario and the rest are confused as to how they tell each other apart, as Stario explains there's always a way. Stario also reveals himself as Mario's counterpart. Stario also reveals that many have tried to get into the Fourth Dimension, and failed because "no one who's ever kept their game going could get in." He also reveals that the Fourth Dimension has powerful objects called the Dimension Stars (later referred to as for shortening purposes as "D-Stars"). These Stars hold power over all the dimensions in existance, and that's why Dimentio wanted to get in so badly. Stario and the Star World counterparts then reveal the way to the next dimension, telling the heroes to think on their own for the next dimension. They hop in.

They arrive in the next dimension, Super Mario Star Road, only to find out one problem: their colors don't work as well as in their dimension and the Star World. In fact, they all look like Mario except for mustache and hat logo. Mario remembers what Stario said about the differences, and he cheers them all up by mentioning these differences, and that they have to focus on pursuing Dimentio. However, they don't know where to begin, as Dimentio probably looked in every corner in this dimension. Mario then remembers what Stario said about how no one who kept their game going could ever get in, and tells all of them to end their games by getting a Game Over via Moon Jump.

They then wander through the Game Over area, as the Boos tell them to avoid the waterhole, and to take the indirect route, that is, the pipe right beside it. The heroes jump in, finding out their colors are even worse than before, but should be fixed slightly in the Fourth Dimension. When they enter the Fourth Dimension, inhabitants sense visitors from another dimension and rush to meet them. These inhabitants turn out to be the Fourth Dimensional counterparts of the heroes. They tell them they know they're here to stop Dimentio, which is why they're not sending them back to the next dimension, as Dimentio imprisoned most of the Fourth Dimensional citizens and weakened them all by stealing the D-Stars. They need help, as the heroes are asked.

They agree to help, but everyone gets angry because of the color problems again, and as they've lost the mustaches and hat logos, they're getting annoyed they have to look like Mario. However, Starman3 knows of a trick to stop this, called the ADMA trick, which restores everyone’s colors, as Rosey reveals herself and says that Starman3's color trick was foretold by an earlier myth by "The Great Crown." Quario and Fourigi, Mario and Luigi's 4D counterparts, congratulate them for figuring out the color scheme issue of their dimension. The other counterparts that appeared before went to look for more D-Stars, but know about this. Mario jumps in the first world, as Dimentio reveals himself to Mario once again, saying that once he links his dimension, Dimension D, with the Fourth Dimension, that, along with the scattered D-Stars, will give him power. Mario points out that Dimension D gives everyone the same strength, but Dimentio says he configured it so it only gives him the power advantage. He then mentions if he defeats his minions, he will be a worthy opponent. Mario shortly after meets Bob-omberman, a minion of Dimentio’s who wants a world filled with Bob-ombs. The heroes then begin finding D-Stars in Bob-omb Islands, only to find one isn't able to be collected because it requires the Vanish Cap.

Fourigi, meanwhile, takes a few heroes inside the vase, to Orromp's Fortress. They begin collecting D-Stars there only to find yet two more aren't able to be collected because of the Vanish and Metal Cap Switches not being pressed. QuarioQuario54321 appears and asks if anyone wants to come in the pipe in the bushes, where Shark Plant Pond is, to which Mario responds yes to. Mario then meets two characters, Cotallow and Deno, Mallow and Geno's 4D counterparts, who tell their stories before saying they found 7 D-Stars here. Both of them discuss some things about home before leaving Mario, who meets Dowser, Dimentio's other minion, and Bowser's 4D counterpart. Dowser has more D-Stars than Mario, the ones here and others in another location. Mario tries to fight him, but with no luck. The others collect more D-Stars, only to find another one is yet uncollectable due to the Metal Cap Switch. However, they find enough D-Stars to defeat Dowser as he flies off, shouting revenge.

FourigiFourigi09876 then reappears, telling them all about a secret pipe behind the tower, to which he needs two people for the D-Stars there. They end up being collected.

The heroes then decide to target the Vanish and Metal Cap courses, as not only should they give them more D-Stars, but they'll be able to finish the incomplete courses. They go towards Hurl-ya Harbor first, where Mario meets Bob, a Bob-omb who is on their side. Mario, whilst exploring however, finds a strange plaque saying "5 is real, at the core". Mario is then pulled into a slight dream with the Great Crown, who tells him to believe in 5. He just tells him to believe 5 is real. 5 can be anything; he just has to believe in it. Mario returns, to the level, excited about his encounter. He then proceeds to find the Metal Cap Course, where he finds another D-Star in. He does the same for the Vanish Cap and the D-Star in Blood Garden there, also finding out it's part of Bob-omberman's locked factory, which he found a way into a bit of.

Dimentio and his minions talk, coming up with a plan to bring Mario to them, since he is disrupting their plan. Meanwhile, the heroes are very excited to get the courses done with, as MarioMario54321 seems very down. The ADMA trick to keep everyone's colors up is very tiring and he doesn't like it, until they meet someone new. MarioGame2222 comes to them and explains the "-20" trick. It is alot easier than using the ADMA trick, and still keeps their colors intact, so they decide to use this from now on. Just as Mario enters the 20 D-Star door, the others who weren't able to collect D-Stars before do so now. After they're all collected, Mario jumps in the pipe. He finds a D-Star and defeats Dowser's enemy trap: a bunch of Giant Piranha Plants. After beating them, he gets a key and unlocks 4D Tower. Mario explores for a bit, before getting captured by Dowser.

More D-Stars get collected, as Luigi and Fourigi notice Quario is down. Meanwhile, Stario in the Star World is having the same problem. Luigi runs inside 4D Tower, worried about Mario. He runs in, only to find Mario has turned into Mr. M. They have a fight, to where Mr. M. disappears, whilst Luigi ends up worried. FourigiGame4 comes to Luigi and explains that he can explore more places, and that two more counterparts wait in the tower somewhere. Luigi explores the basement, and finds interest in some fake crack. LuigiFan54321 meanwhile decides to use his Fire Elemental Star in a snowy area (later known as Quarting Snow Peaks), and retrieves another D-Star. After he does this, Luigi jumps in a big pipe to find a very watery area (Ceither Coral Caverns). He explores for a bit, but fails to find a D-Star.

Meanwhile, Dimentio and his 3 minions discuss more of their plan to stop the heroes, as clearly Mario wasn't enough. Dimentio says he wants to find out the leader of all of the fans who collect D-Stars. Mr. M says he'll work on it, and runs off. Luigi asks for help with the D-Star hunting, as MM says it's alright, they have people; because of him they're there, and they can help Luigi.

They clear Ceither Coral Caverns and move on to Quarradarra Canyon, the next D-Star location. A fan finds a strange purple coin that only gives him 2, but has Dimentio on it. This is later explained to be a D-Coin, which can help in the fight against Dimentio. More D-Stars are collected at Quarradarra Canyon, as Luigi explores the mini castle in the basement, to find out it's Castle Bleck, or at least a mini version of it. After going through it however, Dowser reveals to Luigi he kidnapped Mario, and that he'll beat him with his D-Bully. Luigi beats it and gets the next key to access the top floor, but gets ambushed by King Boocula, who came from Blood Garden, furious that the heroes took his D-Stars. Meanwhile, LuigiFan54321 decides to explore the lava area in this floor, using his Water Star, he retrieves another D-Star.

FourigiFan54321 finds out from an Error Toad that there are 3 hidden 4D Toads who have D-Stars each. FourigiFan then finds one of these Toads, retrieves a D-Star, and meets up with the rest of the group, and proceeds to tell them this information. Some fans decide to look as well, finding no luck in the obvious Toads. However, one of them says there's a level above the chandelier (Quarradarra Slide), to which they both successfully find D-Stars in.

Luigi comes back from fighting King Boocula, to which him and Fourigi have a chat about similar events happening with each other. After that, Luigi decides to explore the next area, Safari Forest. There, he confronts Bob-omberman, who tells Luigi his latest invention, the Blowiggler, will stop them, only for Luigi to stop it, which causes him to run. More D-Stars are found here, and the area is cleared.

Everyone wonders where to go next, and they all agree to go up past the 2nd floor of 4D Tower, to the Fourth Road. MarioMario54321 says it's all thanks to his friends and fans, and Luigi agrees by saying once they finish collecting the D-Stars on the first floor, it'll be enough to give Dimentio an early visit. Mr. M eavesdrops on this however, but the heroes do not notice. MarioMario54321 decides to go and see what the Fourth Road looks like, and meets Deno there. Deno explains how he got there, and explains he tried to get in the tower but they don't have enough D-Stars. MarioMario tries a pipe for some, but it's blocked, and he is thrown out. He then tries the tower, which needs 80 D-Stars to open, so he decides to wait.

Dowser expresses his anger at how the heroes are stealing their D-Stars so quickly they can come to them soon. Bob-omberman decides to express his anger too at this; however, Dimentio assures them his plan will all go well. Because even with one D-Star, they will be powerful once Dimension D syncs with the Fourth Dimension. Mr. M then asks a question about Dimentio's control power.

Luigi then looks inside a door on the first floor, to find out that in the Fourth Dimension, Meloetta is not labelled as a Pokemon, in fact, she is the Mistress of Music, who can change between 3 forms at will, and the next level is actually her own. Luigi explores this place, only to find 3 musical notes come and threaten to change all the music if the heroes don't retrieve exactly 75 D-Stars. Meloetta is powerless to stop them, as they change the music for the duration of the time they look for the D-Stars. They end up finding out that one D-Star in the level is uncollectable, as they need the Wing Cap to do so. The notes exclaim over their victory, as the others get annoyed about this music change, as Luigi says they mentioned they needed 75 D-Stars, but not all from Meloetta's Musical Mess. A fan collects another D-Star in Quarting Snow Peaks, which raises the number to 75, which defeats the notes's power. Meloetta thanks Luigi and friends, showing them her forms before she goes, wishing them luck.

More fans collect D-Stars in Quarting Snow Peaks. Starman3 decides to look for the 80th, but ends up losing it to Starman4, his counterpart. Everyone confuses the collector of the D-Star to be Starman3, but he explains that he didn't collect the D-Star, and everyone starts thinking it could be his counterpart. Nevertheless, they have enough D-Stars to face Dimentio, as Starman3 goes up to see what's going on. Meanwhile, the heroes meet QuarioGame4444, who reveals he also escaped from Dimentio as well to help the heroes.

Starman3 arrives at the tower, only to find he's too late, as MarioMario54321 got captured and was turned into Mr. Mx2. They have a fight before Mr. Mx2 turns and runs. Starman4 sees the whole thing and runs towards Starman3. He explains that whilst MM was waiting for everyone, Mr. M came along with everyone else and captured him, in the hopes that because everyone follows his lead, they won't collect D-Stars and be clueless of what to do, letting them continue with their plan. Luigi runs up and wonders what's going on, as they explain to him before they go down and explain to everyone else. The fans continue collecting D-Stars in Cotton Candy Clutter, under request from the rest of the remaining members of the group (as a small reference is made when the fans do go there to the second Cosmic Crystal movie, the small cereal side-quest in the mentioned movie is referenced). Luigi and Starman3 go back to face Dimentio.

Dimentio and his minions continue talking about their plan, as Dimentio decides to reveal more of his true plan to Dowser and Bob-omberman. All of them seem well with the plan, until Dimentio reveals the truth. He didn't want to take over the dimensions. He wants to destroy them. He also feels that he doesn't need Dowser and Bob-omberman anymore, who both quit due to seeing Dimentio differently.

After, QuarioGame is confused why Luigi is still here when he went up with Starman3 to fight Dimentio. "Luigi" shows himself as thepenguinking2, a fan who explores Cotton Candy Station. Meanwhile, Luigi and Starman3 get ready to face Dimentio, as Starman4 helps them again by finding the next D-Star Toad. He then wishes them luck.

They enter the Dimensional Gateway, which is already syncing with Dimension D quite strongly. Luigi finds a D-Star, while Starman3 finds the entrance to their enemy. They then both face Dimentio, who appears to be alone, and is willing to fight for their friends. Dimentio then takes their form so he can fight them, but ends up losing. However, Mr. M and Mr. Mx2 come to defend Dimentio, to which Luigi and Starman3 don't take very well.

Meanwhile, thepenguinking2 is still beginning to explore Cotton Candy Station, and meets Cotallow there. Meloetta also comes, asking for Luigi, even though he's fighting Dimentio. Cotallow and Meloetta then explain that the train cannot leave and they must do something about it.

Back with Luigi and Starman3, they are facing Mr. M and Mr. Mx2, who are asking them after many times from Dimentio himself, to join their side and take over all dimensions, as they (the heroes) don't know the extra bits of his plan yet. Luigi refuses, and just before Starman3 agrees, Dimentio insults his name (calling him "Starboy"), which causes him to get angry enough to directly attack Dimentio, but he counter-attacks, which sends Starman3 flying over the edge, falling to his doom. MarioMario54321 slightly wakes up and sees this, yelling in his mind for Starman3, before going back to being evil. With Luigi alone against the 3 of them, Dimentio sees this chance to take Luigi and make him a part of his side, by turning him into Mr. L. Luigi has a hard time resisting the control that Dimentio puts on him, as the 3 others watch. However, Lily collects the 90th D-Star in Cotton Candy Station, which gives Luigi enough resistance to keep himself being normal. Dimentio sees this and exclaims in horror they have enough D-Stars to counter his mind-control abilities, but quickly recovers after remembering he still has Mario and MM on his side, plus he still has alot of power, so he almost decides to rid Luigi for good by ending his game, until Mr. M begins to disagree with Dimentio’s actions, as Mario begins to fight against his mind control due to the D-Star advantage. MarioMario54321 does the same, and both start fighting Dimentio and themselves, as it quickly turns into a mind battle, as Dimentio, furious with being betrayed by the heroes's resistance, ends both Mario and MarioMario54321's games, as Luigi falls to 4D Tower from the blast.

Luigi, when he returns, is quick to find out 4D Tower is closed off because a huge disturbance has occurred. He then remembers about Starman3, and starts looking for him, worried. He ends up finding FOUR, who tells him he heard about the events that happened in the Dimensional Gateway along with seeing two people including Luigi fall from the sky, the other being Starman3. Luigi decides to continue, as FOUR tells him there's a D-Star in the hedges, to which Luigi quickly collects. Starman3 then wakes up; unaware of what previously happened, as Quario and QuarioQuario54321 finally wake up again. Both of them say something happened to them, both quite confused as to why they were out that long. Starman3 notices they're awake, which means that Mario and MarioMario54321 are both ok, somewhere unknown. However, this causes Starman3 to remember what happened up in the Dimensional Gateway when Dimentio insulted him and he attacked. Quario notices all 3 of them are confused, and QQ54321 suggests they go inside.

More D-Stars are collected in Cotton Candy Station, as Luigi comes in, wanting to tell everyone the story, as Meloetta confronts him and says everyone else is already preoccupied with finding D-Stars, which is slowly coming to a halt without the Wing Cap. She tells Luigi to ask Bob about the Wing Cap Course, as he may know where it is. He tells Luigi, and he proceeds to find the pipe leading into the area. He enters it and finds the Wing Cap area, presses the switch and finds the D-Star hidden in the level. A fan finds a secret pipe in this area, but before he enters it, the Great Crown leaves another message. The fan then enters the pipe, unaware of this message, finding out it leads to 4D Tower, to where he finds the last remaining D-Star Toad through it. The other fans that were unable to collect D-Stars before, including in Meloetta's Musical Mess and Cotton Candy Station, now retrieve their D-Stars, as more get collected in the latter area. As all the D-Stars get collected, Meloetta thanks Luigi and his friends for helping them get the D-Stars and the Orromps. She then leaves on the D4 train, as does Cotallow, but not before thanking the heroes once again.

Luigi then explains the story of what happened in the Dimensional Gateway with the rest of the group, as Starman3, QuarioQuario54321 and Quario, the latter two's appearance shocking the remaining members of the group. Meanwhile, Mario and MarioMario54321 find themselves in a very strange area; both confused about what happened and where they are. They quickly figure out, and run to get back to help the others. The Vampire Boos tell them to go to the water hole to leave, and go to the next dimension, their home. However, Mario realizes that in Star Road, they took a pipe to go to the Fourth Dimension, and the pipe right beside the water hole may help them again instead of hinder. Both of them enter, and find themselves in a strange factory. Bob-omberman finds them and is quite surprised to find them in his factory, as his pipe system is broken, which confirms the two did lead themselves back in the Fourth Dimension. Mario and MarioMario54321 then exclaim their resistance against him, but he doesn't seem at all buffed as to why they're doing this. Bob-omberman reveals he's no longer a minion of Dimentio anymore, as what he told them earlier, that he wanted to destroy all dimensions instead of taking over them, forced Dowser and Bob-omberman off Dimentio’s plan, knowing what they were doing the whole time. He explains this story to Mario and MM, as they were mind controlled at the time, and their only purpose was to agree with Dimentio no matter what. He then pleads with the heroes for them to forgive him and to let him on their side, after all he's done. Mario and MM consider Bob-omberman’s plea, and even though he's done many bad things, none of them are as bad a level as Dimentio’s plan. Bob-omberman is allowed on their side, if he cuts down on Bob-omb production and leaves Bob alone, to which he promises to do. He also allows access into his factory for all, which gives Mario and MM the signal to return to their friends.

Their friends are happy and surprised to see them back, as Mario and MM explain the side they've heard of the story about Dimentio’s true plan and how Bob-omberman has joined them in the fight against Dimentio. They then plan where they will go next, which ends up to be Dowser's Lava Falls. LuigiFan enters again, and finds Dowser, who expresses his disgust in how he worked for Dimentio. He's also angry at how he's got Princess Kiwi, and how kidnapping her is meant to be his (Dowser's) job. Because of this, he's not against the heroes collecting D-Stars in his area anymore, including the one LuigiFan stole in his Water form. More D-Stars are collected as the area is cleared.

The heroes can now fully move up to the Fourth Road, as they continue towards Bob-omberman's Factory, where he has been awaiting them. More D-Stars are collected in the area as it is cleared. MarioMario54321 wonders where to go next as Bob-omberman helps them by telling them the location of the next level is at a flying saucer in the Fourth Road. Quario, meanwhile, looks at a letter he found from Princess Kiwi, in distress because Dimentio kidnapped her and trapped her along with the other 4D citizens in Dimension D.

Back in Bob-omberman's Factory, Meloetta gets herself lost and finds Bob-omberman, who is willing to help her. With the heroes, they all prepare for the final area where the D-Stars are kept, the last 7 D-Stars await them, so they enter the saucer and fly. They land on Rainbow Rainmoon, as Mario explores and exclaims much about the low gravity and the beauty of the place. Quario and Fourigi then tell the rest of the heroes that this area of the Fourth Dimension is the least known, there is alot of security, and these D-Stars are going to be very tough. They then get collected, with many falling and failing along the way. Eventually, the 120th D-Star is collected, and they have them all.

Everyone is excited and happy they have all the D-Stars that they can fight Dimentio with now, as the Great Crown leaves yet another message, unaware to the main heroes. They go to the Fourth Road, ready to confront Dimentio once and for all. They all infiltrate the Dimensional Gateway, and find Dimentio, who tells them that Dimension D's progress with the sync has grown to a considerable amount that even the D-Stars will not save them, along with their combined power. After Dimentio shows them Princess Kiwi, Dowser and Bob-omberman appear, still against Dimentio. Dimentio then says he still hasn't told them the full truth, and Starman3 then suspects this as well, considering his plan was to destroy all dimensions. Dimentio then fully reveals he intends to destroy all dimensions, but create new ones on top of the old ones, under his control, to which no one is surprised at, and everyone is all against, considering it is his same plan as 5 years previously. Dowser begins to think he would have stayed on his side if Dimentio told him that, and even says Bob-omberman could have his own Bob-omb-filled dimension, however, Bob-omberman exclaims he doesn't want this anymore and changed after helping Meloetta in his factory, to which he tells everyone about. Meloetta than shows herself to the members of the group, as Mario, MM, QQ and Quario are unaware of Meloetta as meeting her was when they were captured/knocked out. They have a small chat before Dimentio tells them the rest of the story.

Dowser sides with Dimentio once again, still confused and angry as to why Dimentio didn't tell them before, as he would've not helped them collect the D-Stars from his lava falls. Dimentio is aware of this and reveals to them he wanted Mario and friends to get all 120 D-Stars, to which everyone is confused about. Dimentio’s real true plan was getting them to collect D-Stars so he could use them to destroy all the dimensions and create new ones all along. He reveals that after he survived from his destruction 5 years ago, he looked for another way to initiate his plan, in which he discovered the Fourth Dimension and the D-Stars and looked for a way to get in, but it was impossible. He then discovered each dimension has a dimensional number, a passcode as such for each dimension. Dimentio then divided 256 (Dimension D) by 64 (the heroes's dimension) and got 4 (the Fourth Dimension), which revealed the DBD for the Fourth Dimension. He didn't know that he had to end his game in Star Road to reach the Fourth Dimension, but it was a considerable sign of weakness anyway, as he could have been sent back to prevent sabotage of the power of the D-Stars. However, it did not stop the heroes as the citizens sensed they would stop Dimentio, as they predicted earlier. Once he found his way, he patiently waited for them, knowing that they were smart and powerful, and tells them none of the D-Stars were ever his, except for the one he had in the Dimensional Gateway that he was guarding, which is why he needed help collecting them, to which the heroes came and did. When he hired Dowser and Bob-omberman, he told them different parts of the plan to help him even further. This also happened when he kidnapped Mario and MarioMario54321. He once again asks for the D-Stars, to which the heroes refuse. Dimentio then says he will defeat them and grab the D-Stars, as they're necessary for his diabolical plan. Dimentio then fuses with Dowser, considering he did the same with Luigi, 5 years ago, and becomes Dowmentio.

Mario fights Dowmentio, but he loses, and the Mega D-Star, the form of all 120 D-Stars combined, and the most dimensionally powerful object ever, gets in the possession of Dowmentio. He then proceeds to destroy the heroes's dimension, which will cause great disruption in their cycle and possibly destroy multiple things in their cycle. Mario wakes up however, and jerks Dowmentio, causing him to lose focus with the Mega D-Star before it has even started, and defeats him. Dowser is then split from Dimentio and flies off into space, not seen again. Dimentio gets up again however, stating once again that he is invincible and that is how he survived 5 years ago when the Chaos Heart was destroyed. Furious with rage, he powers up to defeat them once and for all. LuigiFan54321 turns into his Chaos form to try and stop the blast, but with no luck. Starman3 then tries with the invincibility of a Power Star to hold off Dimentio while the others think of a plan.

Mario, Luigi, MarioMario54321 and Quario then discuss some questions as to why Dimentio is invincible. Quario also reveals more information about dimensions to the heroes, about how cycles depend on certain parts quite alot. When Dimentio tried to sync Dimension D with the Fourth Dimension, he was trying to make a dimensional connection to it like most others across the multiverse. Also what he said about passcode D-Numbers is true. D-Numbers can be crossed with others in 4 different ways, Positively (adding numbers), Negatively (subtracting numbers), Multiplively (multiplying numbers) and Dividedly (dividing numbers). This shows how he cracked the code for the DBD.

Luigi mentions something that is different about Dimentio. Before, 5 years ago when he wanted the power of the Chaos Heart, he didn't rely as much on Dimension D as much as he does now. He mentions that maybe a part of him is in Dimension D or something, to which Mario remembers at the very start of the adventure how he was told the exact same thing by Dimentio himself. Luigi agrees that he wanted more power for himself for this reason, so he could protect himself AND Dimension D, where a fragment of him lies. They proceed to use the Mega D-Star, but Quario stops them due to the fact that Princess Kiwi plus the other 4D citizens are trapped in there, and they will be destroyed if Dimension D is destroyed. Plus, Dimension D is syncing with the Fourth Dimension, so it will affect them too if they do anything.

MarioMario54321 comes up with a plan. Starman3 will use the power of the Mega D-Star to use Dimentio’s power to open the way to Dimension D. When it's opened, everyone will attack Dimentio and distract him while they free everyone, desync Dimension D, and then destroy it. Mario starts with the plan by giving Starman3, who's running out of energy, the Mega D-Star. He opens the way to Dimension D, and everyone attacks, including Deno, Cotallow, Meloetta and the Nice Notes (from Meloetta's Musical Mess, reformed), Bob-omberman and his Bob-omb army, LuigiLuigi09876, LuigiGame2, LuigiFan54321 (still in Chaos form), MarioGame2222, Fourigi, QuarioQuario54321, FourigiFourigi09876, FourigiGame4, FourigiFan54321, Starman4, QuarioGame4444, Lily and Rosey. Quario tells Princess Kiwi to get everyone out of there, which takes a while, but finally happens. Dimension D, due to the disruption, then starts separating itself from the Fourth Dimension, enough that it becomes a separate dimension now. Dimentio is weak without his extra power, and from being attacked, and is also angry that everyone was freed, but still proclaims it doesn't matter, as he is still invincible, but not for long. Mario uses the Mega D-Star and destroys Dimension D, which in turn, destroys Dimentio.

After destroying Dimentio, everyone prepares to leave for home, as the Fourth Dimensional citizens thank them for what they've done. Meanwhile, Stario and StarioStario54321 talk about how Dimension D was destroyed in the Star World. LuigiFan54321 also thinks that Starman3 maybe deserves the Elemental Stars more than he does, foreshadowing a future event. Everyone says their goodbyes, and their thanks for a great adventure/saving their dimension. Mario wonders how they get home, as Quario gives them a special gem, from Princess Kiwi, that will lead them to the underground area below, where the waterhole in said area will take them home. Mario says he's been there before, with MarioMario54321. Quario says his last thanks and goodbye, before giving them the gem. Mario asks about the Great Crown, and Quario says there's more to it, as the Great Crown leaves yet another message. Quario tells them they'll contact them if they find out anything about the Great Crown, and truly gives them the gem. The heroes then jump in the waterhole, headed for the next dimension, their home.

5 is Real - The Secret of the Fourth DimensionEdit

These events take place some time after the events of the main story.

Mario asks MarioMario54321 why Starman3 is called the hero of the Fourth Dimension, as everyone appears to be calling him that. It was because of the Starman power, and opening Dimension D and doing all that. LuigiFan54321 also decided that Starman3 deserves the power of the Elemental Stars more than he did, so he gave them away, or at least a copy. Mario asks why LuigiGame2 then went missing, and it was because he quit. LuigiFan54321 then actually wonders where Starman3 actually is, and he appears right in front of them, with a new spy suit, and tricks them into thinking he's mind controlled, which scares Luigi into thinking Dimentio is back. However, he reveals it's just a spy suit and not the actual thing. After they admire it, Starman3 asks where MarioGame2222 is, to where Mario ends up going looking, only to end up in Super Mario Star Road, and he meets Skelux, the creator of it. He thanks him for helping the Fourth Dimension be what it is, otherwise it would have been something else entirely. Mario then has a small talk before returning home to the castle, only to find Quario there, waiting for him. Quario tells him something amazing happened in the Fourth Dimension, about the Great Crown. Quario wants Mario and his friends to come to the Fourth Dimension right away. Mario asks if they're going the long way, but Quario already found the DBD of Mario's dimension, so there's no worries anyway.

FourigiGame4 is revealed to have quit also, due to dimensional similarity. Apparently, the Great Crown's secrets have been revealed and he wants to talk to Mario, to discuss the secret of 5 is real. Mario goes to Star Island and looks up, as Starman4 says, and is summoned to the Great Crown. He is taken to a place he does not know about, that is all golden and shiny. Mario makes his way through this strange place, eventually coming to the end, meeting Princess Kiwi, who congratulates Mario on his adventure previously with the others, and says she was sent here to the Crown Dimension to support the creator of the Fourth Dimension with what he has to say. Mario is surprised at the mere mentioning of another dimension, plus the creator of the Fourth Dimension.

The Great Crown appears in front of Mario, only his voice however, but Mario recognises him. He tells Mario he is ready to learn the secret of 5 is real, and shows his true form. He reveals himself as Crownux, the creator of the Fourth Dimension and the Guardian of the Crown Stars (Also Skelux's counterpart). Crownux explains that the Crown Dimension (also called the Fifth Dimension) is a very lowly populated dimension that only him and other creatures who found their way in live. The Crown Dimension lies right in the middle of the dimensional cycle that Mario and friends live in, and is connected to the Fourth Dimension. "5 is real, at the core" means the Crown Dimension/5th Dimension is real, with it being at the core of the dimensional cycle. The Crown Dimension is a Centralized Dimension, which means it doesn't share its energy with anything except for the dimension it connects to, in the Crown Dimension's case, the Fourth Dimension. That is why the Great Crown appears in the sky of the Fourth Dimension only; it is the only entrance.

He explains many of the messages and their meanings to Mario that were announced in the main story. Mario asks why he could believe in 5 anyway, and why he couldn't after the group got all 120 D-Stars. Crownux said that it all happened when he met Skelux earlier, when Mario said he could believe in something, in what it truly is, and that's how he was able to believe in 5. Skelux was the missing link. Crownux feels there's only one more thing that he needs to explain, stuff regarding the Crown Stars. There are 5 that exist, and they are earned by doing special tasks in the Fourth Dimension, and if you collect all 5, it earns you the title of being the " King of Dimensions." Mario wants to know how he can get them all, and Crownux explains that they got the first one when they fought against Dimentio's mind control, with 90 D-Stars. He also explains that if most of them are obtained, it will take you to the Crown Dimension. They recieved their second one when they collected all 120 D-Stars, but they needed at least 3 to be able to believe in 5 and come to the dimension. They recieved their third Crown Star when Dimentio was defeated and the heroes saved the Fourth Dimension.

Mario is needed to have 2 more before he can be called the King of Dimensions. The riddles for each of them end up being told, and Crownux vanishes. Mario then notices another D-Star, and solves one of the riddles he was given. Mario then questions why Yoshi is here, as "Yoshi", introducing himself as Doshi, reveals that he hid Replica D-Stars all across the secret areas of the Fourth Dimension. Mario then figures out the second riddle as he reads the sign next to Doshi explaining the locations of the Replica D-Stars: Metal Cap Ice Cave, Bob-omberman's Bob-omb Factory's Vanish Cap Interior, Windy Wing Cap Area, Dowser's Dimensional Swamp, Mini Castle Bleck, the Dimensional Gateway, Lemon-Lime Town, Quarradarra Slide, and in the Crown Dimension itself.

Everyone else is surprised to find out the secret about the Crown Dimension with the Crown Stars, as MarioGame2222 comes back from exploring, as QuarioGame and everyone else now realizes the mystery has been solved.

Mario looks for the Replica D-Stars across each of the areas, meeting citizens that were in the main story again, eventually finding them all. Mario then obtains all the Crown Stars, and has now got the title of being "King of Dimensions." Crownux congratulates him for being able to do such a thing, and tells him that now they've conpleted everything in the Fourth Dimension, which puts an end to their adventures.

Fake Part 2 Edit

The following is non-canon Edit

In the fake Part 2, when Mario spots the figure behind the DBD, it moves to show the sillouete of Dimentio, only for it to materialize to Fawful on a gold crown shaped jetpackk and flames below it which resemble Dimentio's legs. He then explains his plans, which is to take over the Fourth Dimension and get revenge on Mario and friends. Mario panics and flees to the castle, where he shouts at everybody to come out there then. Fawful tells him they can't hear him and leaves.

Mario is then seen swimming around the air above the castle when Fawful shows up and tells him he has victory because he destabilized the Fourth Dimension, causing the whole Earth and possibly the rest of the dimension to destabilize and flood. He then leaves, and Mario struggles to stay alive, yelling at Yoshi to use the 1-Ups and then runs out of air, regenerating in the air later.



Main ProtagonistsEdit



  • Dimentio
  • Dowser
  • Bob-omberman (later reformed)
  • Naughty Notes (later reformed to Nice Notes)
  • King Boocula

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Meloetta
  • Deno
  • Cotallow
  • FOUR
  • Skelux (5 is real - The Secret of the Fourth Dimension)
  • 4D Toads
  • Green Bob-ombs
  • Bob the Bob-omb
  • Princess Kiwi
  • Many, many fans.


  • Wiggler
  • King Boo
  • Mallow
  • Geno
  • MIPS (mentioned, seen in credits)
  • King Bob-omb
  • Bowser
  • Princess Peach
  • Starlow
  • Blowiggler


  • Originally, LuigiFan54321 was meant to save the Fourth Dimension with his Elemental Star form, Chaos LuigiFan54321. However, it got changed to Starman3 saving it with his Star power.
  • A sequel was created in 2014.

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