MarioDylan is a good friend of Starman3. He has appeared in alot of Christmas specials since his arrival in YTR, since his theme is basically Christmas.

This is MarioDylan's color code.

List of Appearances as a Character

Super Mario 64: The Last Stand

He is seen in the beginning arguing with Starman3 about which is the best powerup, saying his is the MarioDylan Mushroom. However, the debate is settled by Mario later. He next appears when the group is shocked that DBZK5 collapsed.

Super Mario 64: The Curse of the Invincibility Frames

He got himself trapped at Snowman's Land and was freed by DragonBallZKai5. He mocked Luigi and was confused as to what's going on.

List of Appearances as a User

Roblox Goes Crazy

He appears in 23 and 25.

Skype Randomness Skits

He appears in episode 7. He participates a little in it.

Christmas Specials

He has appeared in Starman3's Christmas Specials 3-4. In number 3, he won the Gift Hunt of MarioStar92's, in number 4, he saved Christmas.

He also appeared in Pinkolol's Christmas Special, where he went crazy about Christmas in front of Bluekik14.


Fourth Dimensional counterpart:

Star World counterpart: