OiramOiram12345 & the Dark Star X is a movie made by MarioMario54321 in 2011. It is currently MarioMario54321's longest movie, with 30 parts.



Throughout the heroes' adventures, they met strange people called doppelgangers. Constantly, over and over, they've had to fight them, with seemingly no end, and a pattern to lead them up to the point where they would finally be defeated.

The heroes close in on that line.

MarioMario54321 is shocked about something, as Luigi suggests it could be Oiraw, the next doppelganger. However, LuigiLuigi09876 reveals that the fog has cleared in Jolly Roger Bay, for the first time ever.

Mario goes and explores, admiring the fact he can finally see once more. He grabs a star, which seemingly teleports him to Tick-Tock Clock, where the fog is ALSO cleared away. Mario explores this area and gets a star here also.

Meanwhile, CandyCao7 meets a stalker, who decides to follow him around because she's bored, none other than Lily.

Mario comes back, as MarioMario54321 checks the door. CandyCao7 comes out of hiding to see, and both of them notice Oiraw, here to challenge Wario. MarioMario goes back and tells Mario and Luigi, and they both get concerned as they all will come after them. All their past adventures of meeting Igiul and Oiram have lead up to this. Wario challenges Oiraw and wins. CandyCao7 goes back into hiding.

Igiulaw comes right after, as Waluigi comes to challenge him too. Waluigi wins. MarioMario checks on the list of people left, as there are 3 now. Meanwhile, the Dark Star X plans to send more of them out.

OacYdnac7 them arrives, startling both Lily and CandyCao7 out of their sleep. They fight, with Candy winning, but just before Oac kills himself, he explains to MM, Mario and Luigi that CandyCao7 did create him and then the DSX got ahold of his power and made him a servant. Also, CandyCao7 has gone Anti-Hero, and since doppelgangers are ALWAYS the opposite, he is Anti-Villain, and is part good, as the DSX doppels are actually the opposite of the normal person, and that they always want to kill the other no matter what. He wishes them luck, and requests them to keep his good side a secret, before killing himself on the flagpole.

LuigiGame2 counts down the doppels they've defeated, as the DSX plans more stuff. Frozin (IgiulIgiul67890) is next, and then another, unknown to the heroes. LuigiLuigi09876 feels something, and jumps to Cool, Cool Mountain. He slides down, to bump right into Frozin.

Many of MM54321's fans cheer for the fact that they are nearly done with the doppels, as LL fights Frozin and wins.

Everyone gets ready to see OiramOiram12345, as the Dark Star X has different plans. A strange doppel who is still unknown is sent out, as Oiraw and Igiulaw reveal they've collected DNA of various fans. As the doppels fight the fans, it slows them down to the point where almost nothing happens. This continues until Part 8.

Meanwhile, CandyCao7 and Lily have a fight and then apologize. Candy plans to merge with ShadowBallCao and LightBallCao.

MarioMario taunts OiramOiram, as an energy ball is shot at him. LuigiGame2 comes out and asks what happene,d as they both suspect OO12345. Instead, the strange doppel is sent out, known as EmagIgiul2, LuigiGame2's doppelganger. Both of them are shocked because they expected OO12345 and Emag came out of nowhere. The new doppelganger explains his backstory.

Igiul was concerned about failing, until the Dark Star X asks if he had LG2's DNA, to which was put in the cloner, which created EmagIgiul2, who then served under the Dark Star X and had to wait in line.

EmagIgiul2 and LuigiGame2 fight, with LuigiGame2 winning. They try to get the location of the Dark Star X from EmagIgiul2, as he gets up and runs off, over-confident that the heroes will not win.

OiramOiram12345 then finally appears, ready to fight MarioMario54321, however, Lily interrupts, and she tries to hurt OiramOiram, with him injuring her severely. MarioMario, in revenge, sends out a beam of energy that knocks OiramOiram out and back to hell. Everyone cheers because the doppel war is supposedly over, as Lily is taken inside for the celebration.

OiramOiram is considered a failure, as Dark Bowser is the only one left to handle the situation. As he is sent out, Mario senses him nearby, so he runs to face him. Mario defeats him in battle and the lock that has plagued hell is now null and void; it no longer exists.

MarioMario and LuigiGame notice Lily is alright, as it is revealed that Starlow came to help. As Luigi comes and explains the good news about Mario, Lily and Starlow are confused, as MarioMario54321 explains the whole story to them, leaving them shocked.

Mario, Luigi, MarioMario54321, LuigiGame2 and Lily enter a place seemingly like "hell" and encounter a being there simply named "Devil." Mario seems to have met this being before, as he explains a story about the Dark Star X.

Long ago, there was a crater similar to the one the Dark Star was found in, but in a different location, was where the Dark Star X was buried. It was dug up, and everyone was corncerned the same thing was going to happen as with the Dark Star, in which they were correct. The DSX brought darkness to their world, and not just their world, the Multi-verse. Its energy also was so powerful that it created evil versions of people, doppelgangers, of everyone. Only the hero side of the evil doppel could actually defeat them, which proved to be futile as no one knew this.

The Dark Star X, along with its evil doppels, ruled the Multi-verse, and it seemed impossible to win. However, a mysterious hero by an unknown name at this point put it and its powers to rest and reviving all who died. No one knows his name or how he did it. His name as known by many is known as "Warrior X."

Mario realises he can walk on the lava so he can't go through it, so he comes up with jumping th castle backwards, since he got the boots by jumping the castle. After that, he usues the metal cap to sink through the lava into hell. Luigi follows. They go through a whirlpool.

Meanwhile, with MarioMario54321 and LuigiGame2, OiramOiram12345 appears, shocking MarioMario54321 because of his existance, as he explains he stayed after the others supposedly fled. LuigiGame2 comes to help, as EmagIgiul2 returns. The 4 of them then duke it out. MarioMario54321 and LuigiGame2 then only barely manage to win. They wish Mario and Luigi good luck once more.

Mario, meanwhile, has entered Devil's Hell Castle, which is very dangerous, and appears to have every scrap of water turned into lava. This proves to be trouble for Mario and Luigi as they search the castle for the Dark Star X. They jump into the place where the Lethal Lava Land painting, and find the very very bottom of hell, which has ice platforms above lava. Frozin appears, and reveals this is his world. Both Mario and Luigi go to a platform, ignoring Frozin, as the Dark Star X appears right in front of them.

They fight, as the Dark Star X appears to not be hurt. He prepares to shoot them with a killer beam, as Starlow appears out of nowhere and saves the two from being hit by an attack. The Dark Star X unleashes two minions, which get knocked back at him, leaving him temporarily null. Mario and Luigi prepare to both destroy him with beam attacks, knocking him into the volcano. Starman3 appears for a split second before the focus is back with the bros. They chase the Dark Star X into the volcano.

The Dark Star X comes back and reveals that all the blasts from that battle he absorbed and kept within him as power. Also, Warrior X's power has been overcome, so he can escape and cause mayhem once more. He zooms out of hell, and the volcano, where Mario runs to and quickly explains that they caused this to happen by fighting him and now they are all doomed.

Everyone runs from the castle, as the Dark Star X takes over, and destroys everything.

CandyCao7, meanwhile, prepares to merge with OacYdnac7, as he cannot as it is revealed both will be destroyed. Oac suggests he merges with ShadowBallCao if he wants one, and Candy runs off, leaving Oac alone.

The Dark Star X makes the doppels more evil, as they all get red eyes and serve under him with more power. Oiram, Igiul, Oiraw, Igiulaw, OacYdnac7, Frozin (IgiulIgiul67890), EmagIgiul2, and OiramOiram12345. Also, doppels have been created, of everyone else in existance.

With Mario, he wakes up, to find he's in the taken-over Mushroom Kingdom, with no-one in sight. He gets worried about where everyone is and about the castle, as MaeioMario54321 appears and reveals they have to probably do what the Warrior X did.... whatever he did. Another voice appears as Mario goes to check. This character is unknown, as he explains he can help defeat the Dark Star X. He mentions a character named Geminon, which Mario believes to be Warrior X. This character teleports Mario to him, as they meet once again.

Mario and Geminon talk, as Geminon is revealed to not be Warrior X. Geminion also reveals that it is part of a legend that if there are two Star World Warriors, they must fight for the real title. Geminon then challenges Mario, who wins.

When Mario wins, Geminon gives him the Light Star, or merely its power. He suggests using it to revive his friends, even though the Light Star will disappear just like the Dark Star did. Mario questions if there is a Light Star X in existance, to which Geminon confirms. In fact, its power was made to destroy the Dark Star X, and it is what Warrior X used. Mario confirms this, as Geminon suggests that the reason when a doppelganger kills one of the characters, and they come back to life, is because the Light Star X protects the heroes as the Dark Star X protects the doppels. When a doppelganger is created (under the Dark Star X's protection), the hero is registered under the Light Star X's protection. They need to find the Light Star X to defeat the Dark Star X, so they need to find Warrior X, who has this star. He also confirms that if a doppelganger merges with his/her light counterpart (light being Mario and co.), both will be done for and neither Star X can save them. If the Stars merge, everyone is done for. Mario decides to tell everything he knows now to his friends when he revives them, as he and the Light Star are teleported back.

When Mario returns, he shows MM the Light Star, who is confused about it. He uses it and everyone who was killed comes back, Luigi, LuigiGame2, LuigiLuigi09876, Lily, Wario, Waluigi, BandyKao7 and Dannii4Nina. Mario then prepares to tell his friends about what Geminon told him. After explaining, Candy appears and notices the unknown character from before seemingly similar to a past version of himself. ShadowBallCao then comes, wanting revenge and following orders from the DSX to kill Candy. Both of the figures recognise each other, as the unknown figure is revealed to be LightBallCao. Just as Candy is about to choose, LightBallCao merges with ShadowBallCao and both are destroyed.

Mario realises what Geminion said, noticing that it just happened right in front of them. They have a long discussion about needing to find the Light Star X. Rigth now, they aren't protected, because the LSX hasn't been discovered again yet. Warrior X however, must have kept Mario and MarioMario54321 alive for a purpose, because they must be special somehow. No one knows how yet. LuigiGame2 questions the locations of this info, as Geminon appears right in front of them.

He proceeds to explain every adventure the heroes has had has lead up to this adventure, fighting in the Star World, all the previous fights with their doppels, everything has lead up to now. They will all be relived to lead up to just before they fight the DSX. Geminon shows them all Celestius, who wishes for Geminon to explain more. He reveals that the DSX created X bosses of all the ones the heroes have fought, and they will fight them all. If they defeat them all, Warrior X will appear. He reminds them about the info about the Dark Star X, before sending them out.

Luigi, however, is still confused as to why the light vs dark destroying each other only applies to the DSX/LSX. Celestius explains that, dark and light exist to create a neutrality, a balance in life. If they combine, it will create Chaos. This Chaos power can only be brought into existance if these two shades combine. If they can't, they'll cancel each other out and destroy it all. To determine whether they can combine or not, it depends on the situation. The rest is a mystery.

Luigi gets it now. Because Celestius itself was of two beings that could coincide peacefully, they have combined without problems. But the LSX and DSX exist to destroy each other. That's why they can't combine yet.

With the X bosses, the conditions will be the fact that each boss will be timed, if they can't be defeated within that time, Mario will restart the battle. He won't go back to the beginning and will not be timed on the very last one. Celestius then disappears, waiting until the heroes prove themselves.

Mario goes and fights King-Bob-omb X and wins (with 45.312 secs). Many fans try to collect Blue X's similar to The Cosmic Crystals II: Mastars Revenge. He then goes and fights Whomp King X, who looks like a giant Goomba and wins (with 24.024 secs). He then goes and fights 3 Big Boo X's and a Big Eye X and wins (with an unknown time). During this search, he complains about the places looking the same. SuperSpikeEmerald and and EmeraldSuperSpike, two who have both dealt with their doppels, run out to fight the Big Bully X's. Both bosses will get 30 seconds each. EmeraldSuperSpike wins the boss fights, as he complains about some information that LG2 told him, thinking it must be false. Both boss fights are won with 6.073 seconds and 20.387 seconds.

MarioMario753 continues to collect Blue X's whilst Tabbyluigi fights the Eyerok X, as FireballMario. He wins with 28.328 seconds. Wariofan279 notices the next boss being the Ice Bully X. He fights it in IceballMario form and wins with 9.643 seconds.

More fans collect Blue X's, as SuperDanielLogan1 fights and wins against Wiggler X with 38.372 (thought it was around 28 seconds the actual fight lasted). He restarted once.

Meanwhile, two characters, Lario and Muigi, are searching for ways to be useful in the world, to the heroes on heir quest, to appear. The Dark Star X sends their doppels after them and they continue fighting.

However, a new enemy appears to form, another doppel, different from the rest. Now, Dark Lily, and Dark Starlow are sent to fight their normal counterparts, to which they end up fighting as well. Dark Lily and Lily have an RPG-like battle, to where Lily seems to lose. But however, she gets up and wins, only barely surviving.

Dark Lily swears revenge, as a message is shown, saying "The Dark and the Light shall destroy each other, unless they can create Chaos."

Mario then heads to the top floor, answering a strange calling sense in him. A mysterious voice speaks to him, congratulating him for coming so far. After revealing how many Blue X's they have (46), it is revealed they have them all. The next boss is Mastar X, and Mario needs these X's to battle him. Mario fights and defeats him with 4 minutes. Next, he fights Cosmicalitaurus X, who he wins against with nearly 3 minutes. Mario jumps into the clock similar to a previous adventure (with both hands pointing at the 12), and then a face appears. This face warns him of an oncoming adventure, and then says some things about reviving an older adventure, then revealing itself as Rock X. He also explains about his similar past to another character, noticing that Warrior X and Geminon have similar stories. Mario and co. have to go to this new island, and retrieve 4 important pieces. Then, Rock X can escape and do what the other counterpart did. He then disappears, awaiting them there. Mario is shocked and pleasantly surprised at the same time.

A new miniseries is started.

Ztarragus's Island X

Bomberman asks why Mario had to enter the clock with both hands at the 12, or up in general. It was because Rockolanius in the Star World had the same thing done. MarioMario54321 recalls a past event involving that, and Luigi is excited to see the new island. LuigiGame2 wonders what will happen once they get there, that is, their objective. Luigi asks if they have to collect Ztars again, as Bomberman reveals he already did that. In fact, he already visited the island and collected them. He knows everything too also because Geminon told him as well.

Bomberman however, didn't complete one bit of the most he did, because he accidentally pressed a switch and had to flee. All the heroes need to do now, is collect the 4 pieces of the Grand X. The heroes need them to fight Ztarragus X, Starragus X and Celestius X. Bomberman will take care of his true form, but the heroes will take care of the individual halves like an earlier adventure.

The heroes approach the island. The first area they go to is X-ball Fields, and Mario encounters X-balls and the Blood Chomp X, who he remarks at before running off. Mario and fans run through the island, making references along the way, making slight progress, until Mario finds the Starball King, and defeats him with 35.736 seconds. He then drops a Grand X piece, to which Mario collects. Mario then wonders about the island, but reassurance is on his side to say that if he knows the original Ztarragus' Island, he'll know the X version just as well. Mario then manages to collect a key with an X on it, which he knows what it does. He ground pounds all the stumps, which causes an earthquake, and opens a secret cave. There is no Grand X piece, as told by Bomberman, but there are red lightstones to help see in a further, darker area.

Also, another fan collects another Blue X unknown to most, making the total 47. The fan then dies afterwards.

Luigi wonders what the Grand X is for, considering they were just stuffed on this adventure. Bomberman reminds him Rock X told them everything, and reminds him of some things whole Mario enters the next area, Secret Maze X.

Mario and Luigi, along with half of MM's fans on each side, proceed through the cave with little trouble. His fans however, have quite a bit before realising some of them were meant to be following Mario and not Luigi.

Mario then finds the cave with the red lightstones, plows through every enemy and finds them. He then proceeds to mine them out.

He returns to X-ball Fields, and finds a red wall. Bomberman believes ShadowBallCao can destroy it, but Luigi reveals the previous events where they merged and died. He wouldn't have been able to help anyway, he got too evil. Bomberman then thinks he can break it himself, as sonic6451(a fan), thinks he did nothing and got ignored. He has a super form and could help destroy it. After minorly breaking the fourth wall, he spurts through the cannon and destroys the wall (in super form). Mario and co. follow suit, after being reminded to follow MM.

They go to the next area, X Desert. Mario with the help of fans manages to break open the pyramid top. Luigi comes, demanding competition to get the Grand X piece before Mario does. He runs in, does a small puzzle, and gets the Grand X piece, leaving 2 left.

However, two creatures named Mastar Hand X and Crazy Hand X demand the pieces of the Grand X from the heroes. They then just snatch them, and demand they will have 5 minutes to defeat them. Mario is not frightened and goes in to fight them. He fights them Smash Bros. Brawl style, and wins in 3:00:56 of a time limit.

Mario believes it's time to move on to the next level. Sonic6451 breaks the barrier again allowing them to pass through to Stage 4, X, X Mountain.

Mario encounters a ghost and asks for help, since he can't find the piece anywhere. The ghost replies it may be inside the mountain. Mario then remembered Rock X was going to be here, and Luigi follows, questioning the mountain's haunted state. Rock X comes and congratulates the heroes. However, it will not take long for him (Starragus X) to merge with Ztarragus X. Starragus X (Rock X) is a chaotic light source. Starragus is the same. This means that if they merge, they can create Chaos, however, the LSX and the DSX along with all the heroes and doppels are non-chaotic. Chaotic light and darkness can merge to become more powerful, as the non-chaotic light and darkness will destroy both sides if they attempt such an action. Rock X wishes them luck, before disappearing.

This sheds some light on the meaning "The Dark and the Light shall destroy each other." This doesn't apply if a source is chaotic. The meaning is describing non-chaotic sources. Luigi questions how the difference could be, between chaotic/non-chaotic sources, but Mario dismisses it thinking they'll find it out later.

More fans search the area, one finding out this place is called Ghost, Ghost Mountain in reality. Two fans attempt the slide inside and fail, and then Mario tries and finds the third Grand X piece.

LuigiLuigi09876 finds difficulty in progressing because of the wind. MarioMario54321 tries and then does it. Everyone then follows him as they progess. The ghost says his goodbyes before they all blast off to the final stage, Stage 5, Bloody-Ro.

They slowly progress, as Starman3 comes in and finds them all, fighting his doppel as well (named as Namrats3 in this, but is really Ztarman3). Luigi then jumps into the fireplace as he finds the road to the last piece. He progresses through and finds the final Grand X piece, finally obtaining them all.

Mario follows Bomberman to the reaction tower, where he can finally face Ztarragus X. Ztarragus X places a 2-minute time limit and Mario fights him and wins with 1:55:92. Rock X comes and asks for the Grand X pieces, and uses them.

Elsewhere... Warrior X detects the breaking of his seal.

Then, Bloody-Ro turns into Icey-Ro, which shocks all the heroes. The Bombers remind the heroes of Starragus X as Mario fights him too, with the same time limit as before, and wins with 1:57:59.

Both Ztarragus X and Starragus X congratulate him before challenging Bomberman in Celestius X form. They then use the Grand X and merge.

Celestius X states that Bomberman has X time, which isn't fully determined yet, and tells the heroes to come to Celestial X Tower to face him. They chase him to find that the door is locked. However, they use the X Key from before and get in.

Bomberman clears the tower and finds Celestius X, who determines his time limit is 6 minutes. Bomberman fights him and wins with 5:02:369. They are told that when they return to the castle, a surprise will await them to help defeat Zythurvion X. The heroes then return, as the story unfolds.

The Last Few Fights

The heroes exit the island after a few fans fight their doppels and finish. When they do, they wonder what the surprise Celestius X mentioned to them is.

Muigi, a character from before, mentions that Lily has gone mad, as Bomberman mentions it must be to do with the Light Star X. Because both of them are still alive, neither side can die. Lily calls Bomberman a name as he knocks her out. Luigi mentions she must have been under control via her doppel, as MM54321 tells LL09876 to go to the top floor to defeat Dark Lily. He fights her, but she repeats that with the X stars, there's no such thing as death. However, there's only destruction, by the message "The Dark and the Light shall destroy each other!"

LuigiLuigi09876 reveals a super form, as does his doppel, as somehow super forms give you the ability to battle any doppel, unless the doppel is super too as the same conditions apply as with a normal battle.

Mario wonders still where the surprise is, as Lily wakes up, normal again. A gray comet flies, and Mario battles another X boss, Rainbow King X, under 40 seconds. He wins with 36:436 seconds. He then battles the Songomp King X, with a time limit of 20 seconds. Mario wins with 17:851 seconds. He then rides the comet.

Meanwhile, OiramOiram12345 plans and predicts that Warrior X will come, with the Light Star X, the very object to counter the Dark Star X. But OiramOiram has a plan, because they aren't chaotic sources, they will destroy each other if merged. So the moment the heroes get their hands on the LSX, the plan will make them merge and end everything, but even the DSX thinks OO is mad. The two then talk privately.

They have a massive argument, to where the DSX highly disagrees with OO's plan, even though OO has the same rights as MM, who has basically every right. All that is needed now is for Mario to finish the X bosses.

Mario fights Zythurvion X, within a 5 minute time limit. He is defeated with 3:57:23 in time. Zythuvion X tells him Warrior X will await him, and look out for him. He then disappears, as Mario returns.

Mario then awaits Warrior X, as everyone can't wait. Dark Lily comes and continues to complain because of the Star's existance they cannot die. A stranger comes and explains this to her, unknowing and unwilling to reveal who they are. They fight, Dark Lily overconfident because she cannot die because of the DSX, but it won't be there for her all the time, so she ends up unconscious, by a sword. It sees Mario and says there is another, as this mysterious character leaves.

Mario is then teleported to a place with polka-dots. He then finds the Cookie King X, with 60 Oreos in a time limit. 60 Oreos is 60 seconds, which is a minute. Mario wins with 46:25 oreos/seconds, as Lily eats him up.

The DSX and OO12345 continue their little talk, as the DSX still does not want to merge with the LSX. The strange character from before reveals he merely grabbed energy from Dark Lily.

Mario ends up in a strange space universe, as a stranger comes to him, knowing who he is. Mario ends up really shocked.

Back at the castle, Bowser comes in shock and wonders what happened to the castle. He finds Dark Bowser as well, who explains that he was created using the power of X, which is a power that is always stronger than the power that it takes in, and when it takes it in, it gains power. This is how the Dark Star X gains power. Bowser doesn't understand, as Dark Bowser continues to explain that the Dark Star X keeps all it's evil subjects alive from dying, including Dark Bowser himself. Bowser wants to battle, continuing to hear nothing as Dark Bowser calls on another foe: Bowser X. All 3 of them then duke it out.

Meanwhile, with Mario, he notices the similarities this guy has with a picture he recieved earlier of Warrior X stopping the Dark Star X. He confirms the statement, as Mario realizes he's Warrior X, which he also confirms. He reveals he's been watching Mario and his friends for a while, as the Light Star X reveals itself, even through Ztarragus's Island X (now known as Starball Island X). Warrior X wishes for Mario to have it, however, Mario must fight Warrior X, and win. Mario does so, and completes the test. Mario then obtains the Light Star X.

Mario tells Warrior X that Geminon told him alot, however, Warrior X knows of this too, and also knows that he wasn't told everything. Warrior X then explains to Mario that Geminons and his stories are similar minus the X part. Warrior X reveals himself as Geminon X, Geminon's X counterpart.

Mario then realizes that Geminon talked about how since he's immortal, he doesn't get a counterpart, same wwith Celestius. However, Geminon X corrects him on the fact that he meant doppels, not X counterparts. Mario then asks about things that were mentioned during the fight, such as the "power of X" and "the chosen ones."

Geminon X explains that the power of X is a legendary one, infact, the LSX and the DSX are made of it. The amount of strength in the power of X will depend on the amount of power it faces. Mario questions that Geminon X said the power of X is always stronger than the strongest power around. He confirms this, stating it is why the Dark Star X absorbed Mario and Luigi's power much much earlier. This is also why the X bosses are stronger than their originals. The power of X is making everyone stronger even as they speak. It's also due to this power that everyone is balanced and no winner can be true yet. The chosen ones that Geminon X mentioned can put a stop to it. Mario wonders more about these chosen ones, as Geminon X asks Mario if he's ever wondered why Geminon would have just defeated Zythurvion again instead of Mario, to which he replies no to. Geminon X then reveals that Mario will fight the Dark Star X, instead of himself. Why is this so? Mario is one of the 3 chosen ones. Two of the chosen ones are good, and one is evil. There are also the 3 anti-chosen ones. These are the doppels of the 3 chosen ones. Mario decodes the anti-chosen ones to mean there must be two evil ones and one good one. Oiram must be one of these evils. Mario wishes to know who are the other chosen ones, as Geminon X reveals the good ones can wield the power of the Light Star X. The evil ones can wield the Dark Star X. Mario is told to remember when the Dark Star X wiped out all his friends even with the LSX present. Mario reveals LG2 says it's because it wasn't really present, and also presents SuperSpikeEmerald's opposing opinion, that even when Geminon X vanished, the LSX would still be protecting the heroes. It's called "the question with no answer."

Geminon X reveals it does have an answer, and both of them are confused and wrong. Yes, the LSX was still around, which is why the DSX couldn't have killed them. Geminon X reveals to him directly that he is one of the chosen ones. The power of the DSX cannot affect the chosen ones. This also explains MM54321's survival, as he is one of the chosen ones as well. Instead of destroying all of his friends within one blast, the DSX merely teleported them. He teleported them to a place called Dimension X. This is a dimension that is a seemingly non-existant universe that puts you to hyper-sleep the moment you enter it. It gets rid of one forever, and can only be restored with the normal Light Star. Getting sent there is like death, but with only one way of coming back. The DSX used this as a means to trick the remaining heroes when their friends were never really dead. Mario them picks up on some facts of how he, MM and the Geminons survived. Geminon X confirms, but they also need to know about the full story of the Dark Star X. Geminon X will restore Mario to the castle, as he needs to tell everyone about everything Geminon X told him, as he'll come down and explain. Mario wishes to know the third chosen one, as Geminon X reveals, Mario realizes who he is.

Meanwhile, MarioMario54321 wonders where Mario is, as he returns right at that moment. He also reveals the Light Star X, and the story he was told to all his friends. Everyone realizes the story conflicts what was originally said, about most things.

Geminon X then reveals the third chosen one is CandyCao7.

CandyCao7 then laughs about how he could use the DSX as a means to destroy Mario and friends. Meanwhile, Bowser failed his fight, as Bowser X and Dark Bowser ran.

Geminon X appears in front of Mario and the heroes, as does Geminon, as everyone recognizes who they are. Both of them then state they will reveal the full story of the Dark Star X. This will explain the final bit of the story.

Mario and friends then tell Bowser of the story, as he utters in shock how it's crazy. Everyone awaits the story, as they begin to explain.

A billion years after the big bang occured, there was a star that formed from both light and darkness. It was called Star X. It is held together by stable forces that cooperate to absorb energy, which is called "The Power of X." It was unclaimable due to it being such a great power for anyone. But then a comet, more than half the size of Star X, crashed, right into it. This caused it to split into two halves, known now as the Light Star X and the Dark Star X. Not only that, their stability was disrupted in the two halves, which caused the Light Star X to disappear into outer space. The Dark Star X uses the X power to create X counterparts, while the Light Star X registers the originals in balance of the other. The Dark Star X's instability, however, caused it to become evil and take over the multiverse, and instead of X counterparts being created, evil doppels were created, as they served the replacement of the counterpart of an "original" (LSX subject). If the DSX's power could ever rest, it could not create any beings except doppels, only with DNA however though. Geminon tried to stop the DSX from taking over, but he got overpowered due to the X power. However, he used the same power to create an X counterpart that could fight with the power of the LSX. Geminon X defeated the DSX, but before it crashed into the Mushroom Kingdom, Geminon X detected some of the LSX and used what he had to create a normal Light Star. This caused the DSX to create a Dark Star, so the universe wouldn't become inbalanced. If it is imbalanced, a blinding hot light or a black hole of darkness would swallow everything up. When the DSX took over the multiverse for the first time, Geminon X, with no choice, had to bring the LSX back. Then he sent the DSX to hell, as the LSX registered everyone temporarily until the doppels disappeared, as Geminon X also stabilized the LSX. After it was destroyed, Geminon X sent the normal Light Star to Dimension X to further prevent the universal imbalance. The only way it would come back is if Geminon was defeated in battle. Then whoever defeated him would have to bring back everyone from Dimension X for reasons already explained. Then after that, Geminon X vanished with the LSX, even though its power still protects all who isn't a doppelganger. However, he knew the DSX would return, so he searched for heroes who could defeat it once and for all, far in the future. Which are the chosen ones, Mario and MarioMario54321, and CandyCao7, though he is evil. How he got ShadowBallCao and LightBallCao is explained as well: because the third chosen one is always trying to be balanced. The Light Star X is stabilized, but as long as the DSX isn't, the heroes'll remain in this dark multiverse as it and other powers grow out of control. All the chaotic/non-chaotic stuff is due to the DSX being unstable. If it was restabilized, it wouldn't end the multiverse like if it merged anytime in the present.

Geminon and his X counterpart emphasize that now they need to focus on defeating the Dark Star X to restore the multiverse. They then reveal OiramOiram12345's plan to destroy the multiverse by merging the halves together, which shocks all the heroes.

The heroes remain shocked, as OiramOiram12345 with the DSX comes as Luigi and Mario are talking about how complicated things are. Not just that, but all the doppels come, all agreeing with OiramOiram12345. The stars talk, as the DSX complains all the doppels have gone against him. OiramOiram12345 then forces the two together, after almost saying the end. Then, it's nothing but a flash as everything will perish.

However, OiramOiram is trapped behind a wall, as the blast is revealed to have been split by Starman3, who encourages the heroes. CandyCao7 almost gets the DSX but gets knocked away by OiramOiram12345, leaving him out for good. OiramOiram12345 then talks about another plan to only destroy the LSX and its subjects, which brings the DSX back to it's normal evil state.

As they go, Mario spies on them, as the LSX pursues. They then talk about merging their X power into one giant beast, named Dark Bowser X, to get more X power until there is no more, but enough to destroy the heroes. The Dark Star is still revealed to exist, as it is Dark Bowser. All the doppels's power is channeled into one being, as their red eyes vanish, and Dark Bowser, Bpwser X and the DSX merge and go into OiramOiram12345, to become Dark Bowser X.

Everyone falls outside, and wonders what is going on, Mario reveals the story, as most are shocked, except MM, who slightly knew. Geminon appears and tells that it is possible for this to happen, as Geminon X confides with what he said. Mario has to face it, and win, but it will be very difficult. Mario has to win with the normal Light Star AND the Light Star X. OacYdnac7 also comes and proves his side, as he will help the heroes, as CC7 is now truly evil. He asks for forgiveness, as he reveals the normal Light Star, and gives it to Mario. Everyone then forgives OacYdnac7, as Mario recieves power from both of the Light Stars. Mario then walks up, ready to defeat Dark Bowser X.

Mario fights very hard, almost losing, but then something happens. Some of the doppels destroy the bombs surrounding the battlefield, leaving Mario at a loss. However, Geminon tells him that the same kind of battle technique he's used for years is getting boring and tiring to watch. Instead, MarioMario54321 tells Mario he can use the power of the Fire Flower X, a stronger version of the Fire Flower to help defeat Dark Bowser X, in which Mario harnesses, and becomes Fire Mario X. He then defeats Dark Bowser X. Then the Dark Star X comes out and confronts Mario.

The bros. and the DSX fight, with the DSX almost losing, until Fawful comes right out of nowhere and grabs the DSX, turns into Dark Fawful X and travels inside Dark Bowser X, awaiting Mario. Bowser then also fights Bowser X. Mario wins, while also splitting back the 3 characters into what they were.

MarioMario54321 then wishes to end this, as OiramOiram12345 comes and challenges him. OiramOiram also wishes to finish what MM started, as everyone is confused. The DSX rises for OO and merges with him, while also merging with the normal Dark Star. OiramOiram12345 enters his X form, and MM believes it's the end. However, everyone cheers him on, wishing luck for MM, including even Stario, who comes from the Star World as well. Every hero in the series comes to encourage MM, as he reveals the truth.

All of the past adventures, and how the DSX is the biggest threat ever, is due to MM's imagination, everything was due to inspiration and ideas, and all of it is his fault, and he will finish what he started.

MM then merges the Light Star with the LSX, and then merges with the LSX to become MarioMario54321 X. The two characters duke it out, with MarioMario54321 eventually winning the final fight, ending it all.

The DSX finally realizes it has an unstable core, and finally restabilizes itself. This in turn, destroys all the doppelganers, and the dark multiverse that engulfed the dimensions. All the doppels vanish forever, as everything is restored to peace.

All the X counterparts go back inside their original forms, as all the sbjects (heroes) get unregistered and Star X is formed once again. Star X then is finally reformed, as the end credits play.



Main Protagonists

Other Heroes

  • Fans
  • Starman3
  • OacYdnac7
  • Starlow
  • Lario
  • Muigi
  • Geminon
  • Geminon X
  • Light Star X
  • Bomberman
  • Black Bomber
  • Celestius
  • Celestius X
  • LightBallCao
  • Lufwaf


  • Bowser
  • Dark Star X
  • Fawful
  • CandyCao7
  • ShadowBallCao
  • Doppelgangers
    • Oiram
    • Igiul
    • OiramOiram12345
    • Frozin (IgiulIgiul09876)
    • Oiraw
    • Igiulaw
    • Dark Lily
    • EmagIgiul2
    • Dark Starlow
    • Oiral
    • Igium
    • Ztarman3 (mistakenly referred to as Namrats3)
  • All X bosses

Other Characters

  • Stario
  • BandyKao7
  • Danii4Nina


  • This is the longest of MarioMario54321's series, being 30 parts.
  • MarioMario54321 stated in the descriptions of this movie that no sequels would be considered canon to this. However, Starman3's Blooper 40 can be considered a sequel to this due to the latter parts of it being more akin with the doppelganger story plus direct flashbacks to this movie. Plus Royalomg's series The Return of Dimension X also brings back the doppelgangers. The story below explains why this is.

2013 Truths

  • In December 2013, MarioMario54321 released a video regarding the subject of doppelgangers and their true story, which is explained in a text document in the description of said video.
    The Truth about the Dark Star X and the Dopplegangers

    The Truth about the Dark Star X and the Dopplegangers

    This is the video.

  • A summarisation of this story is below.

The True Story

  • Each of the heroes think that OiramOiram12345 and all the other doppels were created from the Dark Star X. However, this is false, as all of them reside in a place called the Reverse Dimension. Mario and friends have visited this once, when the Dark Star X created a dimensional rift to connect the normal dimension with the Reverse Dimension. It was known as the Different Dimension to the heroes, with the identity of the god really being "Dark God." He is the opposite and the doppelganger of God, who claims he shows up with a doppel is defeated and makes a hero character challenge their Reverse counterpart to keep in form with his disguise. No doppel or Dark God wanted anyone to learn about the Reverse Dimension, and true identities and facts relating to it, otherwise it would cause more trouble for them during the war of 2011 (OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X, the story above). Any doppel who claimed to be created was really just brought over from their dimension.
  • In the timeline set differently from the one in which OiramOiram12345 and his Time Crime (the enemies of MarioMario54321 and the Time Police), OiramOiram came into the normal dimension (through the Multi-Dimensional Road) after making a deal with Dark God and the Reverse counterparts of the Multi-Dimensional Road Guardians (known in the proper dimension (Reverse Dimension) as Road Blockers, these were defeated permanently in the war) that he would put them and all other reverse counterparts in power over all universes. He came to the normal dimension during 2009 when Mario and Luigi were inside Bowser, battling X Bosses in the Challenge Node's Gauntlet. He learned about the Dark Star, and considered using it, but later learned of the Dark Star X and used it instead for greater power. Mario and Luigi were fighting it at the time, which is how he came to know of the DSX.
  • He used the power of the DSX and merged its properties with the Reverse Dimension ones, and gained many of the doppelgangers to give them more power than the regular counterparts (The DSX also gained speaking abilities). Some of the rules applied in the above story were applied as well, such as life witholding and power increase (most of these laws are the laws that both the normal and Reverse dimensions share) but this came with a price. Because of the Reverse Dimension's own laws, the DSX became a Reverse counterpart, and needed the balance of a normal counterpart, which ended up being the Light Star X. Both assigned their roles, as OiramOiram used the DSX's power to take over the univserse, with the LSX preventing such a thing. OiramOiram then decided it would be best if both the X stars were merged together, to be separated much longer later. He defeated MarioMario54321 and the Time Police with the Time Crime team to go back in time and create the Star X by merging the X stars into one, and putting Star X in the middle of the path of the comet that would eventually shatter it, the comet's name being Apocomet.
  • After they were separated, each took hold of the non-X counterpart of their respective Dimension (DSX goes to the Dark Star, LSX with the Light Star) and shared their laws with them to make them have their own powers, and the Light Stars were preserved by Geminon, who didn't get a doppel due to residing in his own dimension and not the normal or Reverse ones. Celestius falls into that category and Warrior X (Geminon X) was truly created by the ancients who used the power of X, which in the present time is used by Challange Node Globins and Dreamers of the Battle Arena and the Giant variation. This was done in an effort to keep the Light Star and the LSX safe. The Dark Star X took over the multiverse, as Geminon X (Warrior X) defeated it, and time reset to the moment it first took over, thus the takeover never happens within the space-time continuum, just like the events of this movie.
  • After the LSX was brought about, the heroes who were destined to fight in the Doppelganger War (the above story) were assigned to the LSX's protection and power, as the same was done with the Reverse counterparts and the DSX. The power came with the price that if one X Star was destroyed, whichever side one was assigned to, they would disappear forever, with no way of being seen ever again. Some believed they'd be sent back to their home dimension, but would still be never heard from again. The Dark Star utilized the power of X to be able to create its own X Bosses out of the regular bosses, who would have gotten their own bosses anyway. Bowser X and some others were created by the Gauntlet Globins and not the DSX, Dark Bowser was created by the Dark Star, so some of the information revealed is wrong. The X themed worlds and the laws based on the originals were created with the power of X. The DSX's use of the power of X is the cause of all the X objects and worlds in the above story, as the Challenge Nodes/Fight Arenas use this power differently and talk of it differently, with the results being very similar.
  • ShadowBallCao was created as a "powered-up form" because of Candy's thirst for evil (reversing his doppels to the thirst for good in the process) and due to the X Star's laws, LightBallCao was also created.
  • The theories of light and dark were thought to be confusing, but because of the X Star laws, the cause of the confusion was from the latter mentioned stars. It's only understandable if one knew they were laws they had as a result of the merged law properties with the dimensions they both respresented. Any kind of doppel or anything/one including X Bosses and the like, is possible in any way, shape and form. Some of OiramOiram12345 and the DSX's story was disproven by this, but this is the truth.
  • After the events of the 2011 war, Ztarman3 was revealed to have been released from the DSX's power and created the Blooper Stoppers and took to power. He tricked Starman3 into using the power of the Light Star X to obtain the Dark Star X. Originally, MM didn't like the idea that they were still around, but now it is possible they can be released from the DSX's power to avoid being erased. In the process however, they CAN be destroyed and will be gone forever like all the rest, for the Reverse counterparts, possibly to their respective dimension in a permanent lock.
  • All of this happens because OiramOiram changed history by going back in time with the DSX to make Star X, which made things confusing for many. Now, the confusion is finally cleared.

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