Pinkolol14 is the 4D counterpart of Pinkolol16.


Pinkolol14's colour code

About Pinkolol14's HistoryEdit

Since she is the Fourth Dimensional Counterpart of Pinkolol16, it can be assumed that they have been through similar situations and circumstances to each other as her counterpart.


Starman3's Blooper SeriesEdit

Pinkolol14 debuted in Blooper 44, where Pinkolol16 met her for the first time. They then played Fournic's Adventure (the 4D version of Sonic Adventure).

She has not appeared since.


Not much is known about her personality, but what can be assumed is her personality, likes and dislikes maybe very similar to Pinkolol16's, due to the fact they are both dimensional counterparts.


Counterparts and Other Relevant CharactersEdit

Mushroom Kingdom/Blooper Land counterpart: Pinkolol16

Star World counterpart: Starolol16

Dimension X counterpart (doppelganger): Redororu61