QuarioQuario54321's color code

QuarioQuario54321 is MarioMario54321's counterpart in the Fourth Dimension. By being a counterpart, we know that he has been through similar adventures as MarioMario54321. He has appeared in the movie Into the Fourth Dimension and Starman3's videos.

He is the co-leader of 4DR.


Into the Fourth DimensionEdit

He first debuted in Into the Fourth Dimension. He appeared fairly early on with all the others to help look for the D-Stars. He was MarioMario54321's counterpart, as such, when MarioMario got controlled, QuarioQuario was knocked out for a large amount of time. At the end, QQ54321 helped the others save the Fourth Dimension.

He has appeared in various bloopers and videos involving the Fourth Dimension.

Super Mario 64 BloopersEdit

He had a cameo in Blooper 40 where he cheered Starman3 on to get up.

His next appearance was Blooper 44, telling MarioStar to forget about the events that happened in Into the Fourth Dimension, which MarioStar referenced.

Back to the Fourth DimensionEdit

He only made a cameo in the form of singing the "Follow the Rainbow Brick Road" song. He also explained to the heroes that they get to the Rainbow Colonies by the D4 train.