This is Skype Randomness Skits 1. In this episode, the characters fight about what they are and how good they are at things by using the term "So Ha!" to prove them wrong. This is an SM64 style SRS video.

Skype Randomness Skits 1 - So Ha! Contest -Subtitled-02:37

Skype Randomness Skits 1 - So Ha! Contest -Subtitled-

This is the video.


  • LightLucario109
  • Link1113 (left YTR)
  • Garrett240 (left YTR)
  • Cortez44 (left YTR)
  • Snobunny123 (left YTR)


  • This episode is actually subtitled with annotations with what the characters actually say. No other episode in the series does this.

Episode Line

Next Episode: Episode 2

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