This is Skype Randomness Skits 2. In this episode, Duck1832 turns into an actual duck and only quacks, annoying the other members of YTR when Starman3 starts talking to him trying to get words out of him. This episode is in Roblox style, however, there is a small SM64 scene before the intro.
Skype Randomness Skit 2 - Duck Gone Quack-zy

Skype Randomness Skit 2 - Duck Gone Quack-zy

This is the video.


  • Link1113 (left YTR)
  • Duck1832 (left YTR)
  • Cattyono (left YTR)
  • Random noob (start of video)


  • This is the first SRS to introduce the "boot to the head" joke, when Duck uses it on Starman3 quite early on. It is to be noted that Starman3 used the trip/me command on Roblox to do this trick however.


  • Duck near the end references a popular video called "the Duck song" by saying at the end "Got any grapes?" before turning back.
  • This video references "Starman3 learned New Effects for Sony Vegas (Test #2)" before the intro, a noob comes up to Duck asking to be in a video and he repeats the joke SM3 used by saying "Let me think about that.... no!" and even SM3 says to not steal his line.
  • Starman3 near the start of the episode references the first episode by saying "Well I speak English, so ha!"

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