This is Skype Randomness Skits 4. In this episode, JD comes back to YTR, and wants to have a peaceful game, with all of them as all of them confront JD. They all then have a fun time on train carts, as they all have fun talking to each other afterwards.
Skype Randomness Skit 4 - Big Head guy Is Back!03:07

Skype Randomness Skit 4 - Big Head guy Is Back!

This is the video.

This is in Roblox style.


  • Duck1832 (left YTR)
  • Flametheflare (left YTR)
  • JD02022092 (left YTR)
  • Link1113 (is at end of episode)


  • JD at the start of the episode before the intro references episode 2 of SRS and "Starman3 learned New Effects for Sony Vegas (Test #2)" by using the line "Let me think about that.... no!" as SM3 comments that he stole his line again, as in a previous Skype Randomness Skit.

Episode Line

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