StarWorldMan3 is the Star World Counterpart of Starman3.


Into the Fourth Dimension

He appears when Stario explains to the main group about the dimensional theory, and reveals himself as Starman3's counterpart.

Super Mario 64: The Curse of the Invincibility Frames

He appears to the heroes to tell them of the crisis his rangers are experiencing (they are only known as "others") and talks to the main group about his problems, Pink coming up with solutions as to why these things are happening.

He then helps in getting ShadCur stars and confronts Vindimka with Pink and Blue.


He has a clan called Star World Rangers. Its secondary name is also the Startube Rangers.

Counterparts and Other Relevant Characters

Mushroom Kingdom/Blooper Land counterpart: Starman3

Fourth Dimensional counterpart: Starman4

Dimension X counterpart (doppelganger): Ztarman3

Crown Dimension counterpart: Starman5