The Star World is a dimension from MM54321's videos. It first appeared in The Cosmic Crystals. It happens to be the second dimension in the cycle, and as a result borrows many elements from the regular SM64 dimension, including the castle structure and the same levels.


In the Cosmic Crystals, the Star World debuted as a hub for the adventures of Mario. Mastar was taking over the world at the time.

The Cosmic Crystals II, III and IV continued adventures in the Star World.

The Moon World also explored the Star World dimension, exploring mainly its other side, the Moon World. The Moon World gathers elements from Super Mario 74 of the regular dimension.

In Super Mario 64: The Curse of the Invincibility Frames, Pinkolol16 and Bluekik14 explore this dimension and save it from Vindimka's curse.

Starman3 also briefly visits this place in his 5000 subscriber special.

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Star WorldEdit

Moon WorldEdit

  • LunarLight8
  • Lunardyable
  • Moonio
  • Lanuwigi
  • Bombermoon
  • Moonlow
  • Novuscurous (sealed)
  • Seziore (sealed)
  • Optimismo (sealed)
  • Radioton (sealed)
  • Crystore (sealed)
  • Invort (sealed)
  • Balgar (sealed)
  • Lonar (sealed)
  • Candel (sealed)
  • Balck (sealed)

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