Stario is a character in the videos of MM54321 and Starman3. Along with others. He is Mario's Star World counterpart.


He debuted in The Cosmic Crystals, as an ally of Mario. Since then, he has helped Mario and friends on various adventures within the Star World, including TCC2-4, Into the Fourth Dimension and Moon World.

The Cosmic Crystals SeriesEdit

Stario first appeared as a character after Mario had collected the Cosmic Crystals, to plead with him for help because Mastar had taken over his home, the Star World. He did not appear much.

Stario played a more active role in the sequel, as he explained the crisis like the first one as well, but also counts the Cosmic Crystals the group collected, as well as instructing Mario how to use the crystals and where he must go.

In the 3rd movie, he sends them all a letter of a discovery in the Star World that is amazing. When the heroes come, Stario explains the challenge to the group, the group very excited. Stario actively helps the group during this adventure, giving them instructions and help when they were needed.

In the 4th Cosmic Crystals movie, he makes aware to the group a secret after the Star World Warrior appears in front of him. The Star World's secret is told, and he follows the main heroes throughout the adveture, cheering Mario and friends on.

Into the Fourth DimensionEdit

Stario explains to the group when they arrive into the Star World about the dimensions and some of the dimensional theories. He wishes them luck in chasing down Dimentio, as he knows the occurences as well. During the adventure, he is knocked unconscious because of Mario's capture affecting all the counterparts around the cycle of Mario.

The Moon WorldEdit

In this movie, he fails to to check who came into the Star World, and ends up paying for it, when Wario and Waluigi come into the Star World and get ambushed by their counterparts, eventually having to explain to the heroes and Cosmicalitarus, before going to the Moon World to help the main heroes out after orders from Cosmicalitarus. After he goes there, he mainly advises about the orbs and where they are to the heroes.

Super Mario 64: The Curse of the Invincibility FramesEdit

He goes out to check who came in the dimension, noticing Pink and Blue, telling the two he was concerned about them because of the Moon World incident, which they are aware of, and after learning of the invincibility frame issue, agrees to help by recruiting himself and Starigi.

Counterparts and Other Relevant CharactersEdit

  • Mushroom Kingdom/Blooper Land counterpart: Mario
  • Fourth Dimensional counterpart: Quario
  • Dimension X counterpart(doppelganger): Oiram
  • Crown Dimension counterpart: Quinario