This is episode 3 of Super YoutubeRangers 64 Bloopers. In this episode, MarioStar wonders who/what gave him his new powers (in Starman3's Blooper 41) as he goes inside and hears a voice. He believes he just needs sleep, as he does, but hears the voice again. He goes outside and meets the changer of his form and new power, Zyon. He then explains a story, to which MarioStar listens and understands to. The characters wait 10 years, as MarioStar remeets Jbro, a future version of him. He then runs down, and meets Starman3 and Captain, as the episode ends.
Super YoutubeRanger 64 bloopers episode 3 The truth

Super YoutubeRanger 64 bloopers episode 3 The truth

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Story told by Zyon

A long time ago, before all dimensions were created, there were two gods named Zyon and Xyther. They hold the balance of all dimensions. The first dimension created was Dimension Z, the home of Zyon. After millions and billions of years, Xyther had enough of his brother Zyon, so he used his power to create a giant comet and throw it to Star X, the balance of the multiverse. From that, the Star X split, and created the Dimensional War between Zyon and Xyther. The war lasted for 10,000 years. After those years, Zyon had enough, and he and Xyther battled to the death to see who would win. After the battle, Zyon won and Xyther had been locked away to Dimension X. However, Zyon knew that he would be back, so he brought the powers from the Original Elemental Guardians to MarioStar92, LuigiFan54321, MarioMario54321, and Starman3, with MarioStar92 being the leader.