This is episode 1 of Super YoutubeRangers 64 Bloopers Shorts. In this episode, SMUS gets a new color code and wants to show the other YTR members. He talks to MarioStar who ends up calling him "Smushy the Fishy." He then goes and explores Bob-omb Battlefield for a good while, screwing himself over many, many times. He then ends up in the Black Room of Death for a few seconds before easily getting himself out, before going off to bed.
Super YoutubeRanger 64 blooper short ep

Super YoutubeRanger 64 blooper short ep.1 SMUS's bad day AKA, SMUSHY THE FISHY!

This is the video.



  • This got highly overused quickly. The real SMUS16475 now doesn't take the "Smushy the Fishy" joke lightly anymore.