This is episode 1 of Super YoutubeRangers 64 Bloopers Shorts. In this episode, SMUS gets a new color code and wants to show the other YTR members. He talks to MarioStar who ends up calling him "Smushy the Fishy." He then goes and explores Bob-omb Battlefield for a good while, screwing himself over many, many times. He then ends up in the Black Room of Death for a few seconds before easily getting himself out, before going off to bed.
Super YoutubeRanger 64 blooper short ep08:49

Super YoutubeRanger 64 blooper short ep.1 SMUS's bad day AKA, SMUSHY THE FISHY!

This is the video.



  • This got highly overused quickly. The real SMUS16475 now doesn't take the "Smushy the Fishy" joke lightly anymore.

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