The Moon World is a movie made by MarioMario54321 in 2013.



The Return of the Rainbowtastic Lunar Eclipse

The video starts off with some reminiscing events about some solar and lunar eclipses, before switching to Mario sleeping on the floor in the castle. Luigi wakes him up, to tell him there's ANOTHER lunar eclipse coming tonight, which he thinks Mario will like, but it's quite the contrary. Mario runs around exclaiming his hate for them, as Luigi is quite surprised, since Mario said he liked it. Mario reveals that his brain wasn't thinking straight, as after Luigi had come back, he blacked out and felt horrible afterwards, so he's not going to be out when the eclipse comes. Luigi kind of agrees, since it took him forever to swim home after he was abandoned when Rainbow Road disappeared. He then disappears upstairs to finish something he's been working on.

Mario then questions why Lunar Eclipses make random colors flash, as they're not normal. Back with Luigi, he finishes his invention: a time viewer machine, to view events that happened in the past as if they're there without disrupting time, as if it was a video, just of the past. Only of the past. The lunar eclipse's rainbow effects come and gets Mario worried again, as it continues throughout the night, to the point where it becomes full enough to cause seziures.

Luigi decides to use his time machine to look back to the previous lunar eclipse, in which the castle was empty then too because of everyone shielding their eyes. However, in the vision, some light begins to form as the colours fade. Luigi almost thinks it's the machine before realizing that that day, something must have happened that no one saw, and if it happened then, then there's a high chance of it happening again. Luigi rushes to tell everyone, in which he does while also trying to convince Mario to come out, as he is very persistant about staying in hiding. The colors stop, but Mario is still convinced that it could come back. Luigi eventually persuades Mario as he realizes that they have stopped. MarioMario54321, LuigiLuigi09876, Starman3 and Enzo come out, all in surprise and relief at the colors being stopped. Then, the same light returns, leaving them with more questions, and amazement. Mario then realizes it could have happened 3 years before, to which Luigi corrects him, as he saw the actual events. The light then reveals a strange portal-looking thing showing a bunch of strange moon patterns, Wario, Waluigi, and then the moon in the Star World map, before disappearing, along with the lunar eclipse.

This leaves them with more questions. Luigi suggests they show it to Wario and Waluigi, as they may know something. The next morning, Wario and Waluigi are confused as they were hiding all night. Luigi uses his time machine to show them the events of the previous night, to where they're convinced they probably did appear on it not just then, but 3 years ago on the same night. Wario even states the strangely shaped moons look familiar, as does Waluigi, yet they've never seen them before. They then run off.

Main Story

The story starts off with Mario trying to teach a move to Luigi, called the Take-Off Jump, which will allow them to fly anywhere, no need for a Wing Cap or Moon Jump. Luigi however, struggles, as Wario and Waluigi get bored with being on no adventures. Wario goes up and kicks the castle window, as that triggers the Star World pipe to appear. Being curious and cheeky, they both hop in, and find the Star World to be a nice place. Stario is too busy to see who opened the pipe, as Moonio, a citizen, goes to do it instead for him. After Moonio gets surprised they're visitors from the previous dimension, not to mention, special ones, he runs inside, to another Star World citizen, exclaiming the ones he's wanted to see have come. The strange guy then demands to bring them in, as they do. They then come in, as the strange guy leaps at them, wanting something from Waluigi. Stario then comes out wondering what's going on, as he ends up surprised and worried at something unknown.

Meanwhile, back with Mario and Luigi, they just found out someone opened the pipe to the Star World, and they're quite confused. Stario jumps out, and tells them something bad is going on, as well as telling them Wario and Waluigi showed up. Not only that, Waluigi's chi, which is what his counterpart, Lanuwigi (the strange guy) wanted, has been stolen from the latter name of the visitors to the Star World mentioned. The chi has been used to unleash a great evil that was always forbidden to speak of in the Star World. This evil was only known by Lanuwigi and Moonio, who is revealed to be Wario's SW counterpart. This evil was known as the Moon World. Mario and Luigi question this strange world, as Stario just tells them to gather their friends and tell them about this and to come to the Star World immediately. Stario returns as Mario, Luigi, MarioMario54321, LuigiLuigi09876, Starman3, LuigiFan54321, Captain64000 and Enzo hop in.

Lanuwigi then discusses things with a strange-looking master, about being free, but this strange creature does not allow him, as he has one more task left: retrieve some nine spirits and find "vessels" for them to be released. Lanuwigi agrees as the master disappears.

The heroes then reach the Star World, as Stario tells them about the events. Wario confides with what Stario said to them about how Lanuwigi ambushed Waluigi earlier. Stario also had restored it. The heroes are left confused, asking questions. Stario then explains, after their persuasion, that there is another side of the Star World, called the Moon World. They never speak of it because the legends are forbidden to speak of in the Star World. All that is known is that there is an evil there that only Lanuwigi and Moonio know about. Lanuwigi betrayed them and summoned the powerful monster who existed there after being banished long ago.

Stario cannot explain anymore, as he is forbidden to do so, as Cosmicalitarus prevents it at all costs. As he finished, a face appears in the sky, of the master that spoke with Lanuwigi earlier. He explains how they will all pay for what happened in the past. Stario gets extremely worried, as he explains more of his evil plan to cover the world in darkness as his nine spirits will roam the universe free and together will rule all the dimensions. Starman3 tries to stop him, by hurling a ball of light at him, which weakens him somehow. The strange monster master launches an attack at Starman3 and he falls, unable to do anything. The master creature then explains he will stop at nothing to get at them, before disappearing. Stario states once again that they need help.

Meanwhile, back at home, the pipe has been left open, and MarioGame2222 has been forgotten, after all he did to help them, he doesn't want to be forgotten, and jumps in the pipe.

Back in the Star World, Lanuwigi flies off, exclaiming he's off to the Moon World, as Stario demands the heroes give chase, and stop Lanuwigi from fulfilling the Moon World Master's plan, Mario however doesn't know how to get to the Moon World, as Stario explains that the moon with a face on the Star World map is the entrance to the Moon World. Wario and Waluigi recgonize that moon from the signs from the light in Return of the Rainbowtastic Lunar Eclipse. They both shout out that it looks familiar, as Stario explains they have to use the Take-Off Jump or a cannon to get there, to which Mario, MM54321, SM3, LL09876, Enzo, LF54321, and Captain use the move and fly after Lanuwigi. Luigi, Waluigi and Wario do the same, but they use the cannon to take off. Stario then wishes them luck.

The heroes then arrive in the Moon World, examining all they can. Lanuwigi then arrives at a strange looking temple, named the Rainbowtastic Temple. Lanuwigi runs in and finds a strange orb. This orb is, as told by Lanuwigi, a seal for a spirit named Seziore, who was responsible for the seziures caused by the lunar eclipses, which is the power of the Rainbowtastic Orb.

Meanwhile, LuigiLuigi09876 talks with MOON, who reveals he saw Lanuwigi run into the painting behind him, which leads to the Rainbowtastic Temple, where he went. LuigiLuigi goes in, and finds a strange sign with a strange language embedded on it. He believes it's nothing and goes in, quickly finding Lanuwigi. He angrily sides against Lanuwigi, as Lanuwigi says it's important to him and Stario, and says that LL09876 will be of use to him, of which LL never finds out, Lanuwigi throwing the Orb at him. He transforms, as MarioMario54321 comes in, wondering what's going on. LuigiLuigi09876 gets up, but he talks quite strangely about how he will destroy all of his friends, as Lanuwigi cheers and MarioMario is confused but not shaken and wills to fight. MarioMario54321 fights LuigiLuigi09876, who has Seziore possessing his body, and wins.

MarioGame2222 is shown chasing after them in the Star World.

Stario wonders whats going on, as Cosmicalitarus angrily vents at Stario for revealing the legend, as Stario tries to say that he needed to do it, but Cosmicalitarus rants at Stario, blaming him, as he didn't go and see who opened the Star World pipe when Moonio went to do it. Stario is then ordered to go to the Moon World and defeat Lanuwigi and defeat the evil opposite of Cosmicalitarus. Stario is not upset by this, and agrees, as he follows the heroes.

Back with LuigiLuigi, the Orb falls right beside him as he turns back to normal, as he is utterly confused. MarioMario is left confused too, as he didn't know LuigiLuigi was there. LuigiLuigi then explains everything how he got blanked out when Lanuwigi threw the Orb at him, as MarioMario agrees and states that something took over, as LL decides to keep it. Mario then arrives, as Lanuwigi runs off, and they agree to leave him and show off the Orb.

The heroes then regroup with the Orb, as Stario comes and is relieved to see them all safe. The heroes are pleasantly surprised to see Stario, as LL asks about the Orb. Stario is surprised, that they found a "Lanu Orb." Everyone else is left confused again as Stario explains it's part of the Moon World Legend. He then explains the legend itself, which all started when a huge source of power was emitted from a star called Zythurvia, which created the Star World. This comet power was mixed so much the powers contradicted, and the life form was split into two, one of them being Cosmicalitarus, the other being the Moon World Master, known as Novuscurous, which means "New Darkness." They got along before even the dimension had fully formed. However, they grew restless, and wanted control. This led to a battle between the two, in which the Star World Warrior (Geminon) saw, and put an end to it. He helped Cosmicalitarus and banished Novuscurous into the other realm, the Moon World. Novuscurous then swore revenge against Cosmicalitarus and anyone who sided with him, which lead to him creating a portal between the worlds, and created nine evil spirits. They returned to fight, and the spirits defeated Geminon, sending him to his dimension. Zythurvion saw all this, and did something to help stop it and fulfill his Ultraviolet greed. He stole the power of the Star World using the Zythurvity Crystal, punishing Cosmicalitarus for conflicting with Novuscurous, then banished the latter in the Moon World for the same reason, and sealed the nine spirits inside nine orbs, called the Lanu Orbs. Zythurvion would have drained the power completely, but Geminon defended it, whilst also defending his name of the "Star World Warrior." After the Star World was weakened, Novuscurous saw this chance to defeat Cosmicalitarus once and for all. 8 of the 9 Orbs were stolen, and before he could seal him once more forever, The Moon World Warrior (unknown at this point), sacrificed himself to keep Novuscurous in the Moon World, scattered his Orbs, and prevented him from finding them. Novuscurous got more desperate, and chose someone (Lanuwigi) to free him by collecting chi and making him absorb it, which turned out to be Waluigi's, his counterparts, chi.

Now that he is free, the heroes need to find the 9 Lanu Orbs, which are what Lanuwigi is looking for, to prevent him from helping Novuscurous anymore. Stario, however, remembers something from 5 years before, where himself, Moonio and Lanuwigi discuss events after the first Cosmic Crystals. Lanuwigi in the past explains how he'll "never be free," and Stario realizes exactly that's what he meant. He's free now, with Novuscurous. As this flashback was also explained to the heroes, MM54321 explains that Lanuwigi may have been trying to say many things originate from somewhere. Stario then states that they need the Moon World Tablet to find the Lanu Orbs and about them. MM54321 retrieves it with no trouble. The next Lanu Orb then reveals itself, the Cosmic Orb, in a place that Stario passes, as Lanuwigi runs past, after the Lanu Orb. LuigiFan54321 runs after him, as Starman3 runs after LF.

LuigiFan finds another sign that is hard to read, as he slides down the slide laid out in front of him (the Cosmic Slide), but hits the Lanu Orb too hard, and ends up transforming. MarioGame, in horror, exclaims he missed the Orb. Starman3 wanders around wondering where LF went, as his corrupted spirit, Optimismo, slides down and challenges Starman3, but loses. LF is restored to normal as Starman3 explains what happened as they return to the main group.

Stario explains after Mario questions, that the Moon World Tablet can help them find an Orb, and slightly about it, in the Moon World. Stario explains it, along with everything else in the Moon World, is written in Moonogram, which is the alphabet of the Moon World. There is text above on the tablet that means, when translated, "The nine powers will be exposed in the order of creation", "Follow the locations and obtain the powers," and "The powers shall grow from support over whence created," as read by Wario and Waluigi. The first two parts mean the Orbs will reveal themselves in a certain order, and that they have to find them. The third part is unknown, however, Luigi is confused as to how they can read Moonogram. The reason is simply because they are the dimensional counterparts of Moonio and Lanuwigi, who can read Moonogram. This means they are slightly connected to the Moon World, as a flashback of Return of the Rainbowtastic Lunar Eclipse is shown, showing the light and what it revealed. What it really revealed was a Moonogram "Moon World," Wario, Waluigi, and the entrance to the Moon World. They have no choice but to stay, as Stario explains about the Orbs they have already found and what spirits they contain. The seziure-causing effects of the eclipses are also explained, as well as the third part of the tablet meaning the spirits gain power from what they are. The happiness from finding the Cosmic Crystals in the Cave of Sadness is also explained, that it was artificial, and contagious. They then plan to wait for the next Orb.

Lanuwigi talks with Novuscurous, as he explains that the "fools" (the heroes), are nothing to them right now and that all he wants is the Orbs. Stario then explains the location and name of the next Orb/spirit (Zythurvion's Lost Chamber, Ultraviolet Orb, Radioton). Captain64000 chases after this Orb, as LF follows. Captain gets corrupted, and loses to LF, as MarioGame misses again.

The fourth Orb reveals itself, as Stario explains about it (It is the Crystal Orb, and it stores Crystore, the Crystal Spirit, and it resides in the Crystal Spire). Mario believes he should do more, but Luigi tells him straight that 2013 is the Year of Luigi, thus it's his spotlight so he should get it, and runs after it, with Mario in hot pursuit. Captain asks Stario as he explains the Goombas are called "Moonbas" and the Whomps are called "Wthomps."

Mario and Luigi continue their rivalry chase up the Crystal Spire as the Wthomp King ambushes Lanuwigi, leaving the brothers to fight over the Orb. Luigi falls over, gets corrupted, returns to Mario, loses a fight, and they return to the group. MarioGame, however, is lost, as a strange character comes to him, offering help.

The next few events depend on what action is decided by the watcher. The next Lanu Orb reveals itself, inside Reversal Cave, which is a cave with strange flows depending on the Moon Phase. MarioMario54321 and Starman3 both decide to go after it. Inside the cave, one of them goes one way, and the other goes the other way, depending on opinion by the watcher. One of them finds a sign, and if it's MarioMario54321, the sign says "The light of the full moon releases the pyro flow." If it's Starman3, the sign says "The darkness of the New Moon releases the hydro flow." Both are confused by this, but feel it does not matter. They find the Orb, watcher actions still, as Lanuwigi ambushes the retriever and Invort possesses the vessel. He looks different depending on who he possesses. If MarioMario54321 is corrupted by the Orb, LuigiLuigi09876 comes and fights Invort, seeing as MM saved him from an Orb earlier. If Starman3 is corrupted, Enzo comes and fights Invort to save his friend. The fighter wins and the 3 heroes (either MM, SM3 and LL or MM, SM3 and Enzo) exit the cave.

Novuscurous grows more weary at Lanuwigi for failing many times to obtain Lanu Orbs, as they've mostly been lost to the heroes. Novuscurous gives up on Lanuwigi, and disappears, after saying he will deal with them himself.

Stario reveals the next Orb, which is the Star Orb, which is at Star Climb, and holds Balgar's spirit. Enzo goes after it, with Captain, Mario and Luigi in pursuit. They however realize they need to get somewhere with a Wing Cap, which they don't have, but they use the Take-Off Jump, leaving Luigi behind with Mario.

Meanwhile, MarioGame2222 is lost as he has lost too many Orbs and wants to help the heroes. He meets two strange citizens of the Moon World, one of them named Bombermoon, who is revealed as the inventor of the Moonogram alphabet. He takes MarioGame around.

Mario continues to talk to Luigi, as MarioGame2222 finds him, and leaves Mario with alot of questions. MarioGame explains some reasons before explaining how obtaining an Orb's power was a bad thing. Bombermoon also shows himself, whilst also giving an explanation. He almost explains who the Moon World Warrior was but they get ambushed, by none other than Novuscurous. The heroes then escape.

Enzo begins his trek up Star Climb, as the heroes meet Bombermoon, MarioGame2222 and Moonlow, 3 new allies to help on their quest. Bombermoon explains that with his Moonogram, he chose Lanuwigi and Moonio as his chosen ones to read his letters, which in turn, affected Wario and Waluigi, being dimensional counterparts. Their new allies stay with them to help defeat Novuscurous.

Enzo finishes his Star Climb, however, as he obtains the Orb, Balgar takes over his body out of will to see if his team is good for fighting Novuscurous. Captain fights him and wins.

The team is now down to 3 Orbs to find and the heroes anxiously await the next Lanu Orb, as Bombermoon admires they have the tablet, until he realizes a piece of it is missing, even though it's a small piece, it could do harm, as Wario isn't so sure. Mario also realizes Bombermoon never told them about the Moon World Warrior, and who he is, but as he is about to say, Stario reveals the next Lanu Orb has shown. The location is shown, but the Orb seems to be nowhere. The power of it must be too strong for the Moon Tablet to reveal it, and this one appears to be the Moon Orb, hosting the spirit Lonar. Waluigi isn't too pushed, but Bombermoon warns them Lonar is pretty much the strongest spirit of all of them. He tells them to go to the location, Moonlight Garden, with care, as the heroes go in the pipe leading there.

Mario looks around for the Orb, with no luck. Luigi also searches, but only ends up finding the King Bob-omb of the Star World. The others also end up having no luck finding it. Wario however, finds a sign that says "Go the wall at all." Everyone is confused as to what that means, as Mario gets so frustrated he runs through a wall, meaning to punch it. He finds a block within, and expects a Shadow Star, coins or a 1-up, but he hits it, and finds Lonar, who possesses him.

Luigi sees something's wrong and rushes towards him, only to find Lonar in his body. Everyone is horrified, except for Lanuwigi, as Lonar explains he knew about the Orb and the fragility. Novuscurous appears right next to him, as everyone notices in shock. Lonar wishes for a challenge as Luigi steps up, wishing to do the same as what Mario did to him. They fight, as Luigi wins. However, as Lonar is sealed back within, he states that the good nature of the heroes doesn't allow the spirits to use their full power, and it shows how "weak they are". Luigi doesn't get it, as Novuscurous angrily states they'll know before dashing off.

Lanuwigi and Novuscurous have a talk, about a plan Novuscurous is thinking of doing, that Lanuwigi is confused with. Lanuwigi agrees to Novuscurous's plan: Let them get all the Orbs, and then snatch them all. However, Novuscurous lets Lanuwigi go, for failing so many times, and because he tried, he has proven he's worthy of leaving. Lanuwigi is horrified and awstruck, he wanted to help Novuscurous and even freed him from his prison. Novuscurous states however that even though he helped him before, for what he's done now, there's no way he'd ever be forgiven, even if he got all the Orbs. Novuscurous then disappears, leaving Lanuwigi alone.

With the heroes, the next location for the Lanu Orbs gets revealed, however, two sides are shown. These are known as the Ending Spheres. MarioGame gets excited that they're getting closer, but Mario gets worried about what Lonar said. The heroes then get concerned, as Stario begins to explain the doors to them to keep them on the adventure. After explaining the doors of the Moon Temple, Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi enter one of the doors, which leads to the Ending Sphere of Light.

They get there and find the place is very complex. Mario uses the Take-Off Jump to look around, as Luigi still growls in anger from not knowing the technique. Mario finds the Orb, as it floats away. Waluigi catches it, but ends up crashing to the ground, as the spirit, Candel, possesses Waluigi. Wario fights him and wins. The heroes then go into the Ending Sphere of Darkness, as Mario wows at the complexity once again, as Luigi feels down about the Take-Off Jump, and Wario and Waluigi say ridiculous things about not liking it in this area either. Mario, whilst flying sees the last Orb. Events repeat themselves as the Orb floats away and Waluigi grabs it once again, as he, however, lands on the ground safe, with the Orb intact. Everyone is happy because they now have all the Lanu Orbs, except for Luigi, who is suspicious because they got the last two Orbs so quickly and easily with no interference. Mario agrees, as Wario and Waluigi want to leave.

They return to the group, as everyone is glad. Bombermoon realizes however, that the Orbs coming together in one place in the Moon World has never happened before, as they shatter and break, releasing the spirits, in their pure forms. Everyone worries, as Novuscurous comes, and explains they will go to the Star World and cause havoc there, eventually ruling it, and possibly the other dimensions in the cycle. The spirits introduce themselves for real, as Novuscurous comments he knew they would collect all the Lanu Orbs, as even their actions in the Moon World and even the Star World, throughout the many years of their adventures, had all lead up to Novuscurous. The Moon World has the ability to take fresh power from the Star World, in secret and unknown doing, and everything they've done will be used against them and the Star World. Novuscurous, along with Lonar, disappear elsewhere.

Mario asks if there's anyway to stop them, as Bombermoon comments that he knows the spirits are heading to the Star World to cause chaos. Wario gets overconfident, thinking they can beat them, but Bombermoon quickly responds by telling him now that they are in their pure forms, they are a thousand times more powerful than before, which is what Lonar meant before he was sealed up before when he was defeated by Luigi. Because according to the Moon Tablet and Novuscurous, the spirits have been gaining power ever since they were trapped in the Orbs. Seziore gained power from the seziures induced by the Lunar Eclipses and Optomismo from the Cosmic Crystals used in the past. Stario continues to explain, as he sadly agrees with Bombermoon, as Radioton gained power from the Ultraviolet Crystals from when they fought Zythurvion, Crystore from the use of ANY Crystal, Invort from the many cycles of life (Night and Day, Moon Phases etc.), Balgar and Lonar from the power of Stars and Moons and their respective Crystals, from their third Star World adventure, respectively. Candel from light, and Balck from the darkness, Candel also from the Light Crystals used in the third adventure, and Balck from the Dark Crystals used in the third adventure. Everything the heroes have done in the Star World..... has lead up to this, as Novuscurous explained.

Novuscurous created the spirits so he could be unstoppable by gaining power from literally anything. He tricked them into collecting all the Lanu Orbs so the spirits could be free and cause havoc in the Star World. Mario thinks he's the strongest thing he'll ever face in the Star World, as Luigi suggests the Moon World Warrior, though Bombermoon is hesitant, as he may be not of much help now. Lanuwigi comes through a door, as no one notices. Wario demands to know who the Moon World Warrior is, as Bombermoon is about to, Lanuwigi jumps in the conversation and reveals the identity.

Lanuwigi himself is the Moon World Warrior.

Everyone is shocked, as they thought Lanuwigi was the bad guy, because he helped Novuscurous. Lanuwigi explains that they don't know the full story. After he stole most of the Orbs and used them against Novuscurous, he got furious and put a curse on someone, which turned out to be Lanuwigi. The curse was to last until Novuscurous was freed from his prison, until then, Lanuwigi was trapped in the castle, never to come out. To free Novuscurous, Lanuwigi would need the chi of himself from another world, that being Waluigi, which is why he stole his chi. Lanuwigi grew so scared of Novuscurous that he just went under his mercy, wishing to please him. However, Novuscurous only used Lanuwigi to get revenge on him and anyone else who stood in his way of his plan.

Lanuwigi is angry at his cowardly nature that led him to be so selfish to just free himself from the castle by putting everyone in danger. He wishes he never obeyed Novuscurous, never going under his command, and believes the heroes would never forgive him for it.

Moonio appears however, and forgives Lanuwigi. Stario questions why Moonio is in the Moon World, as he says he did it out of his own free will, to try to fix what Lanuwigi did. Moonio reveals he saw what Lanuwigi did all those years ago, and knows how he feels. He continues to explain, as it was also his fault, for letting Wario and Waluigi in, for the good of all the worlds. Lanuwigi also guilts up to it, as he also says Novuscurous is the one who caused all of it. Lanuwigi also reveals he has the missing Moon Tablet piece, because he was told to steal it. Wario reads it and reveals it's a warning, which says "Never unite the nine powers out of their banishment or they shall be unsealed." This means that if all the nine Orbs were united together in the Moon World, they would shatter, as recent events tell them such. Lanuwigi even knew this, so that is why he used 8 of the 9 Orbs against Novuscurous, knowing that if he used all 9, they would shatter. Originally, Lanuwigi would've stolen them all, but when the heroes came, Novuscurous knew that they'd gather them instead, so he told Lanuwigi to only steal the most important piece of the Moon Tablet, the warning that would lead to their demise, otherwise the heroes would be onto them for the full thing. Lanuwigi was put in their way the many times to fool them, even though it slightly delayed his plan.

Everyone exclaims they were used, as Lanuwigi explains that they can fix this, and defeat Novuscurous, even though it will be very hard. He explains they need to stop the spirits first, so that they can stop wrecking havoc all over. Then Novuscurous must be fought, just like with the previous 3 monsters, Mastar, Cosmicalitarus and Zythurvion. MarioMario54321 and the others agree to go to the Star World to fight the Lanu Spirits, as Mario agrees to go and fight Novuscurous. Moonio says he's going to go back and protect everyone else, to which Stario agrees to do as well. Lanuwigi, Bombermoon and Moonlow agree to formulate a plan by looking for anything else in the Moon World that could possibly defeat Novuscurous. Everyone goes their separate ways, ready to fight.

Novuscurous talks with Lonar, as he reveals he was never an ally to anyone except the spirits, which are his own creation. Also, Mastar, Cosmicalitarus and Zythurvion were never evil, only angry, for their own reasons, as Novuscurous is the true, real evil. Darkness falls around the 3 other monsters, creating a forcefield to where they can do nothing.

Mario enters the castle, and proceeds through the challenges that come his way. He then finds a message, saying "First is right... Second is left... Cannon is the path...", to which Mario responds by figuring it out.

The other heroes have difficulty fighting their spirit, if they have one, with Candel fighting Wario and Waluigi and Balck fighting MarioGame2222. Invort is fought by both MarioMario54321 and Starman3, and the other heroes still fight with difficulty.

Mario continues through the challenge, as Lonar watches. He asks Novuscurous if he wants him to stop Mario, as Novuscurous simply requests to let him come.

The heroes get exhausted from fighting the spirits, as Waluigi reveals he got the whole tablet. It flashes, as some of the heroes notice.

Then the tablet...... reveals a tenth Orb, which shocks everyone.

Bombermoon comes through the pipe and explains he and Moonlow found something truly interesting. Waluigi asks if it's the tenth Lanu Orb for the tenth spirit, as Bombermoon shockingly tells them that the Orb is meant for Novuscurous. Bombermoon is also now allowed to be in the Star World because the gods of it are being held hostage. He reveals what he found, which is the Sigebu Tablet.

Wario translates it to mean:

"The tenth container was created when the being that it is meant for was banished to the world that it is meant for."

"The tenth container shall contain all the powers and their creative source."

"When the sun and moon become one, the tenth container will appear."

What this means is, the Containment Orb, the newly revealed Orb, will defeat Novuscurous once and for all. Not only Novuscurous will be trapped, but also the spirits as well. Where it is is a mystery. Luigi decodes "when the sun and moon become one" to a Solar Eclipse, just like the previous one in 2008. This means it could be on Solar Eclipse Island, which nobody knows about. Waiting isn't an option, but the Lanu Spirits have control over the sun and the moon, which can make sure they can become one to make the island appear. MM comes up with a plan.

MM54321 and the other heroes surrender to the spirits, choosing their end by a Lunar Eclipse seziure. However, Starman3 and Invort fight, to where Starman3 deflects Invort's attack to the sky, turning it into a Solar Eclipse, leaving Seziore helpless. The island appears, and Luigi tries to cannon himself there, but the cannon is gone.

It is revealed the spirits removed it so escaping would be useless. Everyone runs to attack the spirits to distract them, while Luigi uses the Take-Off Jump to supposedly proceed their plan. Luigi still doesn't know how to, but remembers his brother's advice, "Shoot high, feel the sky!" Luigi then learns the Take-Off Jump, finally, and then reaches Solar Eclipse Island. He retrieves the Containment Orb, ready to find Mario and Novuscurous to end it. However, since the Containment Orb was the islands source of power since such a time, it is gone forever, and will never come back. It then disappears.

Mario defeats Lonar and then tries to fight Novuscurous, but then loses. Novuscurous boasts about how Mario never stood a chance, as Luigi comes on the scene, and seals Novuscurous and the spirits inside the Containment Orb, sealing them in.

The prisons holding Mastar, Cosmicalitarus and Zythurvion disappear, as Stario finally announces they've saved the Star World once again. Mario congratulates his brother, and Wario and Waluigi get jealous because they knew the legend more compared to any of them. Moonio thanks them for getting rid of the Moon World legend, from the Star World. This also means that any talk of the Moon World is allowed now since Novuscurous is gone forever. Lanuwigi also helped in the end with the Sigebu Tablet and Luigi finding the Orb. Even Bombermoon and Moonlow are allowed in the Star World now because of Novuscurous's defeat. Lanuwigi's curse breaks, which restores his color and state as a normal Star World citizen.

MarioMario54321 decides to ditch the Take-Off Jump, even though Luigi just learned it, due to it making everything too easy. Stario then takes a celebratory picture of everyone of the main heroes, and Starigi, who manages to get in the picture, as the credits roll.

Secret Ending


Waluigi wants to see a secret that Stario talked about.

He walks into a door, and finds a sign, which reads "You defeated Novuscurous, congratulations!"

Waluigi gets fed up, noting that's it, gets mad and runs off. However, he misses something completely obvious right next to him.

There is a poster on the wall, that says "4D2 2013." Waluigi does not notice this at all.


Main Protagonists


  • Lanuwigi (until Part 9)
  • Moonio (until Part 9)
  • Lanu Spirits
  • Novuscurous

Other Characters

  • Cosmicalitarus
  • Latiosboy5 (Jbro109) (Only in bloopers)
  • Starigi (appears at end)

Bloopers and Outtakes

At the end of every part of Moon World, MarioMario54321 put bloopers and outtakes of the characters meant to humorise the audience. Here they all are.

Part 1

  • LuigiLuigi09876 sings and swims for no reason.
  • Wario says "D'oh I missed" alot whilst trying to kick the castle.
  • Lanuwigi wonders where Waluigi is for the scene, as he's missing.
  • Lanuwigi runs towards Wario and Waluigi instead of long jumping.
  • MarioMario54321 falls from the sky and hurts himself while he films the scene where he finds LL09876 corrupted by Seziore.

Part 2

  • Mario steal's MM54321's shot.
  • Lakitu zooms towards MM54321's ear rather than his face.
  • LuigiFan54321 fails the slide in Cosmic Slide.
  • LuigiFan54321 fails to be evil when it's time for him to be.

Part 3

  • Random pipe
  • Captain64000 fails at Zythurvion's Lost Chamber.
  • Wario get's angry at MarioGame2222 for stealing his "D'oh I missed."
  • A blooper being censored from "too much retardedness."
  • Radioton explains random stuff.
  • Starman3 asks why MarioMario54321 is taking so long with the Moon World parts.

Part 4

  • As Luigi runs through Crystal Spire, the Mario theme remixed to every beat saying "D'oh" plays while he progresses. Near the end, it is sped up.

Part 5A

  • Luigi plays a minigame and loses, while Mario rages at him.

Part 5B

  • Luigi plays a minigame and wins, with Waluigi raging at him.

Part 6

  • Novuscurous wishes to show his blooper, as Latiosboy5 (Jbro109) interrupts to show a better fight scene that was supposed to be in Part 5A.

Part 7

  • Luigi states the wrong picture was used in Part 5B's blooper, as MarioMario54321 gets frustrated from all the work.
  • Novuscurous shows his blooper, where he faces Mario, Luigi and Wario in a head bobbing game. He loses.

Part 8

  • Mario constantly falls from the Sphere of Darkness where he almost gets the Orb as the "D'oh" remix plays. Waluigi is still in the air instead holding Play-Doh complaining that this is pointless.

There are no bloopers from Part 9.


  • The original Part 1 of the movie was taken down due to copyright claims by Nintendo, for too much SMG2 music.
  • There is a plothole in Part 4, where the new enemy names are mentioned. Mario and Luigi leave the scene, but they somehow know the names of the new enemies, which are mentioned after they leave.
  • There are also many glitches this series encounters, like in Part 1 when the heroes see the Moon World, Wario and Waluigi glitch up. There is also a glitch where some of Starios explanation about the Moon World is doubled to say the line twice. In another part in this scene, Mario, Luigi, MarioMario54321, Starman3 and LuigiLuigi09876 apparently say nothing, but this was fixed with annotations.
  • In the ending of the movie, there is a sign that says "4D2 2013." This could mean that there might be a sequel to MM's previous movie, Into the Fourth Dimension (4D 2012), this was later confirmed as Back to the Fourth Dimension.