Ztarman3 is a doppelganger of Starman3.

Ztarman3 in Blooper 40, fighting Starman3


He first appeared in Blooper 40, as he wanted to take over Blooper Land and wanted to kill Youtube Rangers once and for all. Starman3 and Ztarman3 fought to the death over this, and Starman3 defeated him.

He also appeared in Time 3 (by MarioMario54321) as a helper of Ztarragus, and blocks Starman3 from getting the Star which makes Starragus complete his form. Starman3 defeated him and obtained this Star.

He also appeared in Super Mario 64 Dimensional Heros 5 as he took Mario and Luigi away.

Counterparts and Other Relevant Characters

Fourth Dimensional counterpart: Starman4

Star World counterpart: StarWorldMan3

Mushroom Kingdom/Blooper Land counterpart: Starman3

Crown Dimension counterpart: Starman5